Blunder-Joy-Tasks-& Travel

It seems like yesterday that I was planning a big hunker down for the winter. I really thought there would be loads of time to stitch, to ponder, to find my collage/sketch book. And there was—in a way.

Yes. We went to Hawaii.

And QuiltCon.

And then I went to Valdez.

And after that we went to our cabin in McCarthy.


All good times.

Last week was a trip to Santa Cruz to teach for the Pajaro Valley Quilt Association. On the way there, I did the dumbest thing ever. Big time dumb. I will show you and then I will tell you.

Here it is.


What is it? Well, it is a heeled toe—that’s what it is.


I can’t believe I did this. I was so excited to sit on the plane and do the heel flap, heel turn, and gusset that some how I did not even notice that I was doing all of this to a sock that already had those components knitted!

I promise I wasn’t drinking.

On the second flight, I recognized my mistake. DANG IT. A whole flight wasted.

I got it right on the next sock.


And the next one too.


In between those socks, I taught Making Prints out of Solids—Line & Shapes to a dynamic group of quilters.

They were focused, productive, and smart.


I kind of feel like all I did was give them permission to be fearless, and they took it.

It was fabulous. There is nothing more validating for a teacher than a group of students that gets it and then makes it their own.


Here is the Show and Tell just 48 hours later!


Unbelievably good.

I am now home long enough to do the following things—

Taxes. Here is my filing system. It works, really.


Mail quilts to See My Voice at the Ross Art Museum  and Artist as Quiltmaker in Oberlin, Ohio.

Mail books to blog readers. Thank you all for buying my book directly! I hope you enjoy signature.


Begin this new quilt for the American Made Brand booth at Portland Market in Portland, Oregon this May. I have selected the palette and begun the process of making short rows.


I am super excited to see how the sketch + palette translates into a quilt. You can follow along on Instagram.


I am thinking about quilting this quilt. It is about time.


And then I head east. This is my itinerary. The workshops are full, but many of the lectures are open to the public for a small fee.

Tuesday April 17
Somers, New York
7PM Lecture— Patchwork to Artwork: Journey of an Alaskan Quilt Maker
Northern Star Quilter’s Guild 

Wednesday, April 18
Somers, New York
Workshop—Making Prints out of Solids—Lines & Shapes
Northern Star Quilter’s Guild

Thursday, April 19
Somers, New York
Workshop—Circle & Curve Sampler
Northern Star Quilter’s Guild

Friday April 20
Rochester, New York
7PM Lecture—Patchwork to Artwork
Rochester Modern Quilt Guild


Saturday April 21
Workshop—Circle & Curve Sampler
Rochester Modern Quilt Guild

Sunday April 22
Buffalo, New York
Workshop—Linear Blocks: Line into Shape
Western New York Modern Quilters <>

Tuesday, April 24
Reston, Virginia
Lecture—Traditional, Art, Modern: Notes from the Field
Quilter’s Unlimited

Wednesday, April 25
Reston, Virgina
Workshop—Riffing on Tradition: Exploring Design Elements with Quilt Blocks
Quilter’s Unlimited

Friday April 27
Cleveland, Ohio
Quilting Arts T.V. Taping

Saturday April 28

I will try and write while I am on the road. I am getting better and better at doing this. In the meantime, I hope everyone is enjoying spring. Are you gardening or quilting or both?

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8 thoughts on “Blunder-Joy-Tasks-& Travel

  1. Marla Donaldson on said:

    Love your work. Thanks for all the inspiration.

  2. Mickeybb on said:

    Quilt that quilt…I love it!

  3. wow so busy !! have your book – wish I had you to sign it 🙂 looking forward to seeing the AMB quilt come together – have fun travelling !

  4. Kathy Anso on said:

    i’m assuming the top image from this post is the back of something, but i like it as a top. New Zealand, we’re going into winter, down duvets coming out, and the first calves on our farm

  5. Wow! What a to-do list you have.
    I hope that one day I will visit the USA and do a course with you.
    Maybe you can coin a new phrase — something like “she did not know her heel from her toe”. It’s much more polite that the phrase that is usually used!

  6. LOL A Heel Turned Twice is Twice as Nice!
    You seem to have good reason to be distracted, with all that traveling! I hope you enjoy your trips and your classes and lectures.

    I’m really enjoying spring. We went hiking last weekend and it was just gorgeous. Not that I don’t enjoy hiking in non-optimal weather as well 🙂

  7. debby on said:

    Wow, your East coast travel schedule makes me tired just looking at it! But fun that you are knitting socks while traveling. Spring is out in full force here. I am still stitching away inside, but if its a warm day, I make myself get out and work in the garden.

  8. Your work is inspiring, Maria!
    I’m intrigued by your circle and curve sampler.
    Thanks for sharing.

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