On the Road—Artleap 2018

Several years ago, my dear friend Barb Mortell asked me if I would consider teaching a workshop on Denman Island, BC Canada. I said, of course, that sounds fabulous. This is Barb–a woman with bright ideas.

This September it happened. We held a four day workshop on beautiful Denman Island. It is part of Barb’s goal of creating and leading workshops and retreats in the Vancouver area. Her business is called Artleap.

The adventure started with the usual acknowledgement of the moose and Kes Woodard’s beautiful birch canopy above him.

I left so early, I got to see the sunrise from the plane.

Three flights—including my first ever float plane adventure—three drives, and one ferry ride later, we arrived on the island.

For those of you who would like to know more about this wee island off the coast of Vancouver Island, you can be going here.  Barb’s adopted dog Buster kept us all in line—no one got to talk to Barb more than he felt was necessary.

The view from our backyard.

The first day started off with the entire island losing power. Yep. Four hours of teaching without electricity. It did not stop anyone. People hauled their fabric collections outside to select colors via daylight.

After lunch, power was restored and everyone got busy.

Design walls steadily filled with prints, bits, and patterns.

Natalie Skinner

It was thrilling to watch each AND every student dilligently plod along through the artistic process.

The event was held in the Denman Island Community Hall which has a play school and a library attached.

Joan Elliot

Students worked from nine to nine every day.

Barb Mortell

We began each day with a lecture and me sharing an old blog post that I thought might provide useful fodder for the days thinking, stitching, and designing.

Heather Pregger

We read the following posts-

I’m Gonna Let it Shine
Voice & Culture
Head Heart Hands 

Heather Pregger

On the final day, I did one of my favorite things—I walked all day!

Kathy Coulter

I walked and talked to each student individually for about 20 -30 mintues.

Karen Munro

The students selected the topics—how to improve their quilting, how to be more disciplined in their practice, and how to find time to make their work—amoung other fun topics—were discussed.

Natalie Skinner

I hope you have enjoyed seeing the amazing work made during the workshop.

Jane Iverson

It truly is mind boggling what can happen during four focused days of art making.

Megan Hanna–She went home and finished hers!

We spent the last minutes of our time together—looking at each student’s work.

Trudy Jaskela

I really hope Barb Mortell continues her journey creating workshops and retreats for artists of all kinds. I am ready to follow her as a teacher and as student. Check out her website

I have been writing a blog for almost five years now. And today, during the final hours of the final day of September 2018, I can still say that I have written at least one blog post a month that entire time. It was close, but I rallied.

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28 thoughts on “On the Road—Artleap 2018

  1. Jeannie Bench on said:

    Your students’ work is fabulous! I live that area, too. It’s just beautiful!

  2. Thank you Jeannie! It was a long trip that ended with workshops here in town. Which felt very funny–to go to work and then go home instead of to a hotel or host house.

  3. Thanks for the nice Artleap post. I have big plans for 2019, a class to make a garment a month! And I’ll toss in some quilty stuff too. It was such a great privilege to have you teach, Maria. You are a wonderful and inspiring instructor, and more than one person jump started their quilting mojo from the four days of workshop, thanks to you.

  4. Wow! Inspirational! I must get out my solids and fix a play date – with myself – so I can have some of that joy that’s so clearly in the work produced.

  5. Deborah Smalling on said:

    Beautiful pieces! Thanks so much for your post!

  6. Pam Rocco on said:

    I, for one, am grateful that you decided to write a blog. Without it, I wouldn’t have met you, wouldn’t be making the kinds of quilts I am today, wouldn’t have seen you grow as a quilter and a writer the way I have for the last five years. Thank you.

    • Pam- I have been thinking about you! I need to sit down and send you a long catch up email. I sung praises while I was at EBHQ. Thank you. Thank you. I feel the same way! My blog lead us to each and that is good thing!

  7. I was lucky enough to visit Denman Island 25 years ago. Such fond memories! I enjoy seeing your students work! Diane in Madison

  8. Very fun to see your student’s work. Especially impressed that one went home and finished her quilt!!

  9. What beautiful creations in a gorgeous setting. Thanks for sharing this new event. It is the perfect setting for your work.

  10. Carrie on said:

    Happy blog anniversary!
    It looks like it was a wonderful workshop!

    • My real blog anniversary is in December, but September was important because I kept my commitment to posting at least once a month. It is always good to see you Carrie. Thank you for taking the EBHQ workshop. I am hoping to blog about that adventure next.

  11. Breathtaking!!!! Thank you so much for sharing your adventures with us! These gals did some AMAZING work in your time together. So much fun!!!!! So jealous!

  12. Trudy Jaskela on said:

    I loved this workshop. And Maria, you are as enjoyable and fun as your quilts. I’d do another workshop with you anytime.

  13. Vickie on said:

    Incredible student work! It must have been an inspiring workshop and a great group.

  14. It is amazing work and I really enjoyed seeing it all. Thank you for posting photographs of it all

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