What Just Happened? Part I

I am just going to start at the beginning of the end of the deadlines I just went through. Just so you know, there is a very tired lady in the airplane seat next to me. At any moment, she could fall over into my seat, spill my wine, and cause problems for my computer. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen.  (We  both  survived!)

I will preface this by saying I love my life. And if I do anything at all to contribute to the enrichment of humankind I hope it is to get all of you to dream big. Anything is possible if you are willing to work hard and be fearless. Still, there I are times when even I know that this all is a bit crazy.

When I last shared my quilting and teaching adventures I was in the Berkeley area teaching for the East Bay Heritage Quilters. Awesome historical quilt guild. You can read about that here

After that, I taught for the Anchorage Log Cabin Quilters and the Pacific Northwest Quiltfest. These events were close to home—nice and easy. Here is a wonderful Kitchen Sink Quilt in the making from the workshop with PNWQF.

I was home long enough to build a community baby quilt for Ari with some friends.

We even set up a date to quilt it this spring. Here are the stitchers after a long productive day of piecing.

And I made a new quilt for American Made Brand Fabrics to hang in their booth at the International Quilt Festival in Houston, Texas.

I voted absentee.

Then the craziness started. I taught ten workshops, did two Meet the Teachers, a Gallery Talk, and a book signing in six days while at the International Quilt Festival in Houston, Texas. I discovered that it is incredibly difficult to hold ten different workshops in your head all at the same time—my brain is only so big. The prep work was maddening, but the results were good. Here are some of the quilts made in my Art Appliqué workshop. They are stunning!


Next year in Houston, I will be teaching the following workshops. I hope you will join me.

Monday, October 28: Kitchen Sink Quilting—The Art of Making Do, 9 AM-5 PM
Tuesday, October 29: Circle & Curve Sampler, 9 AM-5 PM
Wednesday, October 30: Linear Blocks—Line into Shape, 9 AM-5 PM
Thursday, October 31: Big Rad Plaid, 9 AM-5 PM
Friday, November 1: Art Appliqué, 9 AM-Noon
Friday, November 1: Color—It’s Relative, 2-5 PM
Friday, November 1: Friday Evening Sampler— Color—It’s Relative,
Saturday, November 2: Saturday Sampler— Improv Triangles—Perfectly Pointless
Saturday, November 2: Abstraction through Color, Pattern, and Repetition

Enrollment for these workshops opens in July

The International Quilt Festival was late and Thanksgiving was early, so that made for a very short November. It came and went.

I spent Thanksgiving weekend organizing my dry goods and spices. I went from this.

To this lovely display.

After that, things got really shaken up. As in 7-point-oh shaken up. But I am going to save for that for the next blog post.

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2 thoughts on “What Just Happened? Part I

  1. Starting from the bottom up….when you are so busy with teaching and travel, things at home get left for “later”. Looks to me like you got it all under control. After reading this I thought I needed a vacation. Sounds like you have an exciting year ahead. Don’t forget to schedule some fun time in too!

    • Dear Mary- I am in the thick of it again, but the fun time is coming up. Son #2 and #3 are going to Kansas City with me to visit family and friends in June. I am very much looking forward to that little adventure. I hope you are doing good too!

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