International Quilt Festival Houston 2019

Today—Monday, July 15— a state of the art enrollment system opened up for participants to sign up to take workshops at the International Quilt Festival in Houston this fall. Click here to see the complete listings of classes as well as tutorials on how to use thier new system.

I am teaching the following workshops. I hope you find something to your liking.

Monday, October 28
Kitchen Sink Quilting—The Art of Making Do
9 AM-5 PM
Description: All leftover fabric, UFO’S, orphan blocks, and random strips of fabric are welcome in this class. We’ll take those pieces of what not and make them into fun improvisational masterpieces. The focus of this workshop is on using up left-overs,  bit making (creating small improvisation-ally cut and pieced traditional quilt blocks), and composition.

Kitchen Sink Quilting

Solar Blue 36H x 35W 2013

Tuesday, October 29
Circle & Curve Sampler
9 AM-5 PM
Description: A complete discussion of all the ways you can improvisation-ally PIECE circles and curves. While learning these new techniques students will also be given information about improvisational piecing techniques, and ideas for taking these techniques and creating original quilts. During the class, students create a collection of circle and curve quilt blocks–great for a sampler.

Circle & Curve Sampler Full

Tic-Tac-OH! 50H X 50W 2016

Wednesday, October 30
Linear Blocks—Line into Shape
9 AM-5 PM
Description: Students will use the traditional log cabin quilt block as well as other linear quilt block shapes as the starting point for creativing original compositions. Improvisational piecing, contemporary quilt design, and using lines to make shapes are all discussed in this class.


Fiber Optics 48H x 48W 2010

Thursday, October 31
Big Rad Plaid
9 AM-5 PM
Description: Create a big bold statement quilt with a modern twist by learning the basics of creating a improv pieced plaid quilt. This dynamic quilt is fun to make and the final result is fun and contemporary.

Big Rad Plaid Full

Big Rad Plaid 51H x 62W 2017

Friday, November 1
Art Appliqué
9 AM-Noon
Description: Using the prints found in fabrics, students will begin their own journey into the wonderful world of surface design. 

Modern Broderie Perse

Bouquet 22H x 18W

Friday, November 1
Color—It’s Relative
2-5 PM
Description: Color is the one of the most important components to quilt making. This short and intense workshop is based on a series of mini-lectures and exercises designed to take your color usage to the next level.

TRIBE by Maria Shelljpg

TRIBE 50H x 50W 2014

Friday, November 1
Friday Evening Sampler— Color—It’s Relative
6- 8PM
Description: Twenty-one Festival teachers at separate tables around the room offer continuous demonstrations of particular techniques and methods. Students circulate around the room informally. Enrollees receive a booklet consisting of a handout from each participating teacher.

Sum & Parts Web

Sum & Parts 24H x 24H

Saturday, November 2
Saturday Sampler— Improv Triangles—Perfectly Pointless
10AM – 12PM
Description: Twenty-one Festival teachers at separate tables around the room offer continuous demonstrations of particular techniques and methods. Students circulate around the room informally. Enrollees receive a booklet consisting of a handout from each participating teacher.

Break Up Full

Break Up 40H x 30W 2018

Saturday, November 2
Abstraction through Color, Pattern, and Repetition
2PM- 5PM
Description: Working from the inspiration found all around us, students will learn the basics of creating improvisation-ally pieced abstract work. We will also explore a variety of ways to create texture, pattern, and repetition in our work.


Root Glacier 36H x 28W 2013

I also have two quilts in 2019 Quilts:World of Beauty Judged Exhibition. Last year, I shared my work on Instagram, and someone mentioned that my doing so might influence the judges. What do you think?  You can see the complete list of selected artists here. <> Okay. I will show you the backs. 

_W5A2058_W5A2046And biggest and best of all, I have been selected to share my work as part of Karey Bresenhan’s annual exhibition called Rising Stars. Each year, Karey selects two artists to be featured in this special exhibition. I am super excited to get a chance to share my work from my very first quilt. It is an honor. So when I am not teaching, expect to find me near this exhibit.

Stung for Web

Stung by a Quilting Bee 76H x 58W

Folks, let me know if you have questions. I would love to see you in Houston this fall! 

In other news, I am back in Anchorage and ready for a big AK hunker down.

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14 thoughts on “International Quilt Festival Houston 2019

  1. pamrocco on said:

    Congratulations, Maria. What an honor, to be selected as a rising star! I knew you’d get there some day. That’s what I called you when I was promoting your work to other guilds.

  2. Julie on said:

    Wow! How exciting! Congratulations on the special exhibit. I wish I could be there!

  3. rebl1 on said:

    Trying to figure out my classes now.

  4. sewitbeginsnanaimo on said:

    Very exciting to hear that you have been chosen as a rising star Maria!

    I’m exhausted just looking at your teaching schedule for the week in Houston. I hope you will be pampered when you are done!

    • I know it is a crazy schedule, but it is my job. I am super excited about the Rising Star exhibition, especially because it is already packed up and in Houston. I can heck that off my list!

  5. Maria — congratulations on the award and getting quilts into the show. Much deserved. The new online registration (supposed to start ‘after’ 10 AM but did not actually open until about noon — I guess that is technically after 10 AM but probably not what most of us were expecting) actually worked great once it opened. I signed up in just a few minutes (its amazing how fast you can spend a couple hundred $$) and I will see you for a sample of circles and curves — something I approach with trepidation. Can’t wait to be liberated.

  6. I want to make a quilt inspired by each and every one of these. Your work is always so amazing to look at. I wish I could just start a new project this very minute. This is motivating me to get some of my other projects finished so I can dig in!

    • Thank you Button Counter. You could just start a new project. That is what I would do and is the reason I have SO MANY unfinished quilts. This is the year though that many of them are going to become a reality. That is the plan.

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