Circle & Curve Sampler Workshop

Next weekend, I am teaching a two day VIRTUAL version of my workshop Circle & Curve Sampler in partnership with the Pratt Museum in Homer, Alaska.

M-Eye Perspective

Here are the details & sign up logistics.

Circle & Curve Sampler
Saturday & Sunday 
November 7 & 8, 2020
2:30 -5:30PM AKST Alaska Standard Time (What time is that for you? Click here to find out.)
Link to Sign Up 


Most people think of line when they think of my work. This is true. I like lines.


Still I have made many, many quilts with curves. In fact, I  have been sitting on a lot of them for a while. 


Mostly, because I have big hopes that I will be motivated to write a book about the techniques I use to build my curved quilts.

Sideral Stitch

The quilts keep coming, but the book has remained in my head. 


This blog post is an attempt to share them all. Even the ones that are in progress. 

Root Glacier

This is a history of the circle and curve quilts I have made up until this exact moment in time. 

MXY Road

Here are a few details about the workshop.The workshop starts with the basic simple two fabric curve aka improv linear curve.

From there, we explore what I call a braided curve. I named it that after the many rivers and creeks in Alaska that are braided.


Once students get the feel for creating improv linear curves we begin our exploration of Log Cabin circles.


The adventurous quilter might even try inserting pieced bits into their  curves.

And my personal current favorite activity–all over curve compositions.

Family Plaid

I hope you have enjoyed this history of my circle and curve quilts. 

Everything All at Once

And better yet, maybe you will join me for a weekend of creating your own curves? I would love to have you fill one of my Hollywood Squares!

You can sign up here

Do a Little Dance

Please email me questions via my contact page or post them here.


I would be happy to answer them.

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20 thoughts on “Circle & Curve Sampler Workshop

  1. melissa on said:

    Hooray! i just signed up for the class. Will I be receiving a supplies list? Can’t wait.

  2. Ginger Marshall on said:

    Will this be on ZOOM or something? The last Eventbrite virtual class I took was unaccessible. I would love to take this class!

  3. Rose Pelfrey on said:

    Will the class be recorded?

  4. Kathleen H Riordan on said:

    Would be helpful to know the supplies needed so that I can determine if I can get them before the workshop!

  5. Kathleen H Riordan on said:

    So AST Atlantic standard Time equals EST Eastern standard Time?

    • No. Whoops. I thought AST equals Alaska Standard Time, but in reality I should have said AKST for Alaska. I have changed it in the post. We are one hour behind Pacific Standard Time. Thank you!

  6. Your quilts are gorgeous! No surprise to anyone who’s seen your work, though. Curves can be fun, but I especially like “Everything All At Once” because it embodies your style. Just wonderful!

  7. Karen Watson on said:

    I would love to be a part of your class, but late afternoons don’t work well for me. If I sign up, clan I access a recording of the class so that I can participate at aore convenient time?

    • Karen- The class is full now. That said, I will be offering it again at a different time to try and work with other time zones and schedules. And yes. There will be recordings available for students to review at their own pace. Thank you!

  8. What a feast. Thank you for sharing the images of your curved works

  9. Will there be videos available for review after the class?

  10. Yes. I have been creating videos for students to review after the workshop.

  11. Thanks. Are there still slots available?

  12. The class is full. But I will be teaching it again!

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