Making Prints—Student Showcase

Making Prints is the very first workshop I ever taught. Back then, students were subjected to a volcanic eruption of information as I attempted to teach them EVERYTHING in a one day workshop. Heads exploded. Chaos ensued. I learned. 

Linda Evans @quiltart

Now, I disperse this information over a series of classes. Here is the basic progression of those workshops. 

Bruce Goldstone @bgquilt

Follow the links to sign up for the workshops that I am currently teaching.

Making Prints—Strips & Stripes
Circle & Curve Sampler
Three Points—A Triangle Workshop (Quiltcon Together)
Kitchen Sink Quilting—the ART of Making  Do
Linear Blocks—Line into Shape
Riffing On Tradition—Exploring Design Elements with Quilt Blocks

Esther Martinez

Additionally, I have developed four advanced workshops which encourage students to use the information they have learned in my introductory workshops to create original quilt compositions. 

Alicia Czuzak @alicuz0608

ASYMMETRICAL SYMMETRY—JUXTAPOSING IDEAS (I am teaching this at the end of January! You can sign up here.)
Advanced design workshop for students who have taken at least one other workshop with me. Students will gather four sources of inspiration for interpreting into a unified quilt composition that explores connection, variation, rhythm, repetition, and form.

BLOW IT UP!—PROPORTION & SCALE (I am teaching this at Road To California.)
Using the traditional quilt block or other set of compositional lines (bridge, building, etc…) as your starting point we will enlarge and magnify the lines of the structure and use them as our skeleton for building a pieced composition. Students will also be introduced to methods for using printed fabrics to enhance their compositions. We will explore a variety of ways to create texture, pattern, and repetition in that space.

Working from several sources of inspiration grounded in the natural world, students will work through a design process that emphasizes sketching, developing color palettes, creating pattern, and problem solving organic construction issues. 

Advanced design workshop where students take an authentic idea and manipulate it over and over again using the technical skills required to create original pieced quilt compositions. Each manipulation will consider and explore the design elements of line, shape, scale, color, pattern, and repetition.

Lenny van Eijk @modernstitchwitch

I have big teaching plans for 2021. In the new virtual teaching world, I can create a schedule that allows students from all over the world to join me in learning the skills they need to create original quilt compositions. All of that starts this week with Making Prints! Here are the details.

Kim Kellman

Making Prints—Strips & Stripes ($135)
Starting with the basic stripe or strip set, students will learn how to piece an assortment of linear prints—stripes, dots, track, and plaids. While learning how to build these new units, students will also be given information about working with solid colored fabrics, improvisational piecing techniques, and ideas for taking these techniques and creating original quilt compositions.

Lecture—Thursday, January 7 2PM—5PM AKST
Open Studio—Sunday, January 10 2PM—5PM AKST
Lecture—Thursday, January 14 2PM—5PM AKST
Open Studio—Session—Sunday, January 17

Kathy Bovee

The Lecture sessions (Thursday, January 7 & 17, 2021) will be recorded and students will be given links to access these recordings. The lecture sessions will include the following—lecture, live cutting & sewing demos, and a lengthy question & answer session.

The Open Studio sessions (Sunday, January 10 & 14) are informal opportunities for students to sew, share, and ask questions. During Open Studio, I try my hardest to answer everyone’s questions and provide them with adequate feedback to keep them moving forward with their work. The Open Studio sessions are not recorded.

Laura Knowlton Nisi

In addition to the live workshop time, students are invited to join a super fun and supportive Facebook community where the sharing and learning goes on 24-7.

The cost of everything is $135. You can sign up here.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing some of the wonderful quilts my students have made. If you have finished a Making Prints quilt. I would love to see it!

Gail DeMartis

I also have few questions for you about virtual quilt workshop experiences. What do you love about the virtual format? What doesn’t work for you? What class are you most interested in taking with me? And any other comments you would like to share with me. 

Robin Bodishbaught

Thank you folks and Happy New Year!

May you all be healthy, happy, loved, and creative this year.


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4 thoughts on “Making Prints—Student Showcase

  1. Gail DeMartis on said:

    Hi Maria, What a lovely surprise to see my quilt! Thanks so much. I wanted to respond to your questions about our new virtual world and taking classes. There were definitely plusses and minuses but all of this (and so much else) is beyond our control. I loved being home and not having to pack up my sewing room and all of my supplies. The things I missed were the lack of socializing and meeting others and watching their process and their progress. I think having the FB group really helped with that, but nothing can replace meeting people in person and in person instruction. You did a wonderful job of smoothing that over and I really appreciated the groups where you provided feedback. I loved the class and I am hoping to take another this year- hopefully the botany class. I guess we all have to keep on keeping on and be patient. Thanks again and happy new year.

  2. Judy Shelton on said:

    Excellent review of the progression of your classes! Having taken that first class way back when it all got rolled into one, I loved your comments: “Making Prints is the very first workshop I ever taught. Back then, students were subjected to a volcanic eruption of information as I attempted to teach them EVERYTHING in a one day workshop. Heads exploded. Chaos ensued.” And I thought it was just me!!! Even if it was a bit much in one day, I still loved it and am so happy to have taken it and have learned so much from you. See you again soon!

  3. The exploding heads workshop sounds like it was fun! As for comments on structuring online classes, it can sometimes be very hard for all students to have an equal voice and to be given a chance to ask questions and participate. Not sure how large the classes will be or if it will be an issue. Regardless I enjoy a structure where everyone has an opportunity to participate and the time is not overly dominated by the few. my .o2.

  4. Gale Davis on said:

    I love the online classes and am afraid they could be addictive. I don’t like to drive too far and I often feel intimidated in workshops, so online works for me. I just signed up for Making Prints and will probably take several more. I hope the virtual classes continue even after they are no longer a necessity. Thank you for all of your offerings.

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