Image Journal #6

The temperatures for January 2014 are a good ten degrees higher than normal.

Maria Shell Image Journal #6It looks like Break Up–that’s what we northerners call Spring. And it feels like April.

Maria Shell Image Journal #6Ice.

Maria Shell Image Journal #6Maria Shell Image Journal #6Slush.

Maria Shell Image Journal #6Water.

Maria Shell Image Journal #6It just doesn’t seem right.

A fleece-flannel blanket being put to good use. If you have a loved one who isn’t feeling well, these blankets are the perfect gift.

Maria Shell Image Journal #6I always say that the most complicated relationship in my life is with my iron. Right now, the loads of felted wool I have been pressing have left a dense residue on my iron plate.

Maria Shell Image Journal #6I found this magical product called Bohn in my supply drawer.

Maria Shell Image Journal #6The results were unbelievable.

Maria Shell Image Journal #6Now if I can just remember where I bought it. I can’t find a single place online that sells it. If you know the answer to this question, please do tell.

I logged 47 hours of stitching in four days. This is what that looks like.

Maria Shell Image Journal #6Maria Shell Image Journal #6The chaos of last minute preparations for Object Runway.

Maria Shell Image Journal #6Maria Shell Image Journal #6The calm before the pandemonium.

Maria Shell Image Journal #6This year, the designers did the final walk with their models. I liked that addition to the evening’s events.

Maria Shell Image Journal #6I have cleaned and composed my studio. I am ready for this week’s marathon.

Maria Shell Image Journal #6Maria Shell Image Journal #6The next challenge is prepping and sending 18 quilts to the Wiseman Gallery. 20 more days and this endless slew of deadlines will be behind me.

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8 thoughts on “Image Journal #6

  1. Great job on Object Runway and it looks like you and your models are having a fun time as well.

    Amazing clean up and on to the next marathon. Go, Maria, go. You can do it.

  2. Your iron cleaner can be obtained from many sewing supply companies. Try Britex in San Fran, and some in NYC. I have lost track of many and some have gone the way of many businesses but the Gohn item is indeed a miracle applied to warm iron and wiped off with a soft rag like washcloth. Google this and they can probably send it to you. Most likely shipping cost more than item but you are probably used to this. our studio is to die for. That Skip must kinda like you……

    • Carole- My studio is awesome! Very highly functional. Walt did all of the work on a budget. A lot of the shelving is made from the wooden shipping crate my long arm came in. Thank you for the info on the iron cleaner!

  3. Maria, you continue to amaze. The three pieces you designed and stitched for Object Runway were fantastic and so Alaska. Sure there were fantasy garments, but for me, the real life designs you developed with felted wool topped the list.
    I suggest sending off a copy of your post to the BOHIN company execs… my guess is they will stock you with several tubes of product if you keep sharing. carries it…
    Bethany in Kingston, ON

  4. Maria
    Spectacular presentation! I noted the cleaner on Amazon–it is spelled Bohin. Thanks for mentioning the product because I plan to purchase some also. Valerie

    • Valerie- It is the most amazing iron cleaner. I bet it’s kind of toxic too. I opened my front door to air the studio out when I was done. Yes, it would help if I spelled the name of the product right. Thank you!

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