It’s All Over

I’ve had a CRAZY list of deadlines to meet–one coming at me right after the other. Yesterday, I crawled across the finish line in my signature–oh so not graceful way. What comes to mind is Molly Shannon. It feels victorious, but it looks ridiculous.

Molly ShannonMolly ShannonMolly ShannonThis past week, I worked on the final deadline. It’s top secret, and you know what the means. If I tell you about it, well, I might have to stab you with some scissors or slice off your pinky finger with a rotary cutter. Instead, I will show you some teasers.

These are the fabrics I pulled from my stash but did not use. Maybe it’s a quilt to celebrate 50 Shades of Grey–the movie. It could be.

Maria Shell Two-FiveHere are the contents  of my waste basket. Intriguing bits of neutrals.

Maria Shell Two-FiveAnd here is a sly photo of the quilting process.

Maria Shell Two-FiveAnd to show that it is all said and done, I will submit this bit of proof–a securely attached facing.

Maria Shell Two-FiveHere is the recap of the last month.

I designed and walked three looks in Object Runway.

ArctiCouture by Maria ShellI finished these quilts and boxed them up for The Art of the Grid at the Wiseman Gallery in Grants Pass, Oregon.

Color Grids by Maria ShellI loaded another bunch of quilts into my car and drove down the Sterling Highway for Cut-Stitch-Press at the Bunnell Street Arts Center in Homer, Alaska.

Cut-Stitch-Press by Maria ShellAnd this week, I finished this–I can’t show you yet–quilt for the SAQA quilt exhibit Celebrate Silver which debuts at the International Quilt Festival in Houston this fall. Here are its remains.

Maria Shell Two-FiveI am Done Diddy Done. My left eye won’t stop twitching and my right hand is shaped like a claw from using my long arm for too many hours.

Advil–Ice Pack–Martini. In that order please.

I am taking a few days off to relax. I think I will sew myself some clothes. I have just discovered the indie pattern making scene for clothing, and I am ready to jump on board.

1025-cover-med-de5b7bee0179c9c8c6dd63d0236b7abdThat is what I really want to do. Is that weird? I’ve said it before, sewing is my job and my hobby. I am very lucky.

PS I am sharing this on Nina-Marie’s Off the Wall Friday. Click on the link to see what other fiber artists have been doing this week.

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18 thoughts on “It’s All Over

  1. Wow, Maria! You have covered so much ground in the past month. You are an inspiration!

  2. Congrats on a smooth finish! Is that the secret I think it is? If so, you are done early!
    I too am wanting to sew something to wear, and ordered the vintage dress shirt pattern from Merchant and Mills…. Can’t wait!

  3. Glad you are taking a well deserved rest. And yes, pretty funny that you rest by sewing!

  4. You are a big tease Miss Maria. Can’t wait to see your new quilt you are keeping from us. The colorway is fabulous, subtle and beautiful. The quilt can’t lose before the first stitch was taken.

  5. Norma Schlager on said:

    You are too funny! Is that your QN quilt finished oh, so early? You sure got a lot done this month. Take a well deserved break.

    • Norma, I wish! I never seem to get the QN application done right. I have a hard time keeping my work secret, and then when the deadline rolls around, I have nothing to submit. We’ll see if I get it right this year.

  6. Wow, what a month!!! You are a total inspiration. Enjoy your down time while you can!

  7. Looking forward to the quilt you are teasing us with.Somehow; I can not see you doing something without a POP of color!! Grey is grey. I am expecting to see RED or Turquoise in it somehow! It’s only Feb 22, the month is not over, and you have done SO much. I feel much like a slug when I see all you have done. 🙂 Relax a bit; enjoy your next project.

    • Mary- I know it is challenge for me to work in a limited palette, but then I get to really focus on print which I also love. I rewrote the blog post to share where the quilt will be. It is part of the SAQA Celebrate Silver Exhibit which debuts at Houston this year. Thank you Mary for stopping by!

      • Oh Houston!!! 🙂 (We are debating Houston or a Quilting Cruise… such a decision!!) I love the shades, really. (Heck at Houston I had a costume that was 50 shades of grey “fabric”….nobody got it tho)….My current project is black and white with a splash of yellow! That line of fabric took my breath away, I loved it all!!

      • I wish I would have seen the costume! That is a tough but fun decision to make.

  8. We stitchers (now recognized as artists and craftsmen) have a voice just like poets but both need to break out of their comfort zone to expand our palettes. Always fun to then come back to what is our expanded voice. I think value, contrast and balance is even more important in composition anyway so there is more than color to what we do. We learn that as we go along and only through hard work and awareness can we develop.

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