Image Journal #10

A very healthy dumping of fresh powder. Perfect for running to school.

Maria ShellYes, you can wear a bikini in Alaska in February. I do not personally know these ladies, but they were sure cute and very nice to let me snap their photo.

Maria ShellToday was perfect–also known in my world as Twenty and Sunny.

Maria ShellMaria ShellThe pattern.

1025-cover-med-de5b7bee0179c9c8c6dd63d0236b7abdThe process.

Maria ShellThe muslin.

Maria ShellThe palette.

Maria ShellI am oh-so-close to finishing this.

Here is our oldest son Fletcher. He wants to be an entertainer, perhaps a rapper or a  stand up comic, maybe even both.

Maria Shell Fletcher TagueWe were talking about rap names the other day.

Maria Shell Fletcher TagueMy rap name has always been M.C. Shell. My full name is Maria Christine Shell, so it just makes sense.

Maria Shell Fletcher TagueBut I think I might adopt a new rapper name. Candy Wrapper. It’s such a good name. I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of it before.

Maria Shell Fletcher TagueQuestion of the week–What’s your rapper name? Don’t be shy.

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7 thoughts on “Image Journal #10

  1. Love the candy wrapper !! Not a lover of rap, so can’t come up with anything except “granny”… 🙁
    Love the way your tunic is coming together. You are so talented. Last shirt I started for myself is in a bag at the bottom of the bin I stuffed it in 5 years ago. Loved the fabric but had NO clue how to deal with knits; and when trying to pin the hem of the sleeves, it started to roll, and I could NOT get it right…..I do so much better with COTTON !! (And kids clothes…)

    • Mary- I have a fear of knits too. Returning to garment sewing after all these years of making quilts is very interesting. I can see areas where I am so much better because of what I know about quilts. Other areas I have so much to learn.

  2. My rapper name is “Corney” short for Cornelius (named after Sue and my great grandfather of circus fame) as my jokes often fall flat, like my chest (never can remember the punch line)–Or AKA “Baloney Rapper” the reaction I get from my long, drawn out joke telling with no punch line. Tell handsome Fletcher he can use this in his stand up when he talks about a senile second cousin once removed?

  3. I can’t believe how grown up Fletcher looks! I don’t know why since Rowan is quite the young lady, but still. We can’t possibly be getting old as fast as they are.

  4. MC FuckAllDAHOEs

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