KooKoo for CoCo

As many of you know, my latest form of procrastination is obsessing over Indie Clothing Patterns. It appears that an entire DYI sewing movement blossomed while I was busy making art quilts.

Independent of the big four–McCalls, Simplicity, Butterick, and Vogue–sewists are creating their own patterns and selling them. Many of these patterns are so much more than tissue paper and poorly worded instructions. They are EXPERIENCES in of themselves complete with thoughtfully illustrated tutorials and tips on how to create the garment featured in the pattern as well as information on how to transform the pattern into your own vision.

I love it.

I feel like I just opened the door and walked into a party where all of my favorite things are going on.

When a new pattern comes out, sewists from around the world make their versions of the garment and then share them virtually. That is what this post is about. The pattern Coco by Tillie and the Buttons just came out.

Coco by Tillie and the ButtonsTilly has invited everyone to a CoCo party complete with cocktails and music (more of my favorite things).

For my Coco, I used a wool fabric embossed with lace. I am not a huge fan of lace by itself, but I liked this.

Maria Shell CoCoThis pattern is super fun to sew, fits great, and goes together quickly. I can see myself making many CoCos.

As a disclaimer, I will say that my photography team consisted of two boys both under the age of 12, who locked themselves in their bedroom and refused to take anymore photos. This is what I got.

Maria Shell in CoCo top by Tillie and the ButtonsI love the retro vibe. I am trying to do poses that other sewists use and all I’ve got to say about that is AWKWARD.

Maria Shell in CoCo top by Tillie and the ButtonsThe fabric is thick and warm and holds it shape, which is important to me in this climate.

Maria Shell in CoCo top by Tillie and the ButtonsMaria Shell in CoCo top by Tillie and the ButtonsI paired it with three different types of shoes. I think they all work in their own way.

Maria Shell in CoCo top by Tillie and the ButtonsTillie did say there would be cocktails at this party.

Maria Shell in CoCo top by Tillie and the ButtonsMaria Shell in CoCo top by Tillie and the ButtonsCheers to CoCo.

Maria Shell in CoCo top by Tillie and the ButtonsTilly you did a FAB job with this pattern.

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8 thoughts on “KooKoo for CoCo

  1. Nice work, Maria!

  2. I love all your poses! It’s nice that you’re making a garment as a break from art quilts. We need to do something different sometimes–it’s like standing up and stretching!

    • Diane- I totally agree. I really enjoy seeing how quilt making has improved my garment construction skills. It is also interesting to discover how much do not know about sewing!

  3. Really cute! I love the poses, made me giggle!

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  5. Beautiful fabric, pattern suits you very well. Tunics that can go with jeans or a skirt are very versatile. Yes, a break from quilts is refreshing and can even teach you something about quilting in a surprising way. My problems with sewing garments are matching the pattern with the fabric especially since I like fabric with design elements so much. The drape of the fabric is also something to err with since there are so many slinks around that cling and are hard to sew with even with a good machine. Lots of techniques to learn I have found.

    • You are so right. When I started this, I did not understand how different textiles require different approaches. I’ve got a long way to go, but I am learning.

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