Image Journal #14

Our youngest son has always loved Legos, Star Wars, World War II, insects, and building materials.

Maria Shell Image Journal #14Whenever Tripp is particularly proud of one of his installations or creations, he has me photograph himself and his work.

Maria Shell Image Journal #14In almost all of the photos, he is holding up his fingers to indicate his age.

Maria Shell Image Journal #14Maria Shell Image Journal #14This week Tripp turned ten.

Maria Shell Image Journal #14I don’t know what he is going to do next year.

Maria Shell Image Journal #14You can’t do eleven with fingers.

Maria Shell Image Journal #14Ozzy and I took a road trip to Talkeetna for a wedding celebration. Talkeetna is a sweet little mountain village. Every spring it turns into climber land when mountaineers from around the world gather to begin their ascent of Denali.

Maria Shell Image Journal #14

That’s me on cross country skis for the very first time. I don’t know why I waited so long.

Maria Shell Image Journal #14Skiing on a frozen lake in beautiful spring time temperatures.

Maria Shell Image Journal #14The cabin where we stayed was just a short hike to this amazing view of Denali the highest mountain peak in North America.

Maria Shell Image Journal #14And speaking of heights, this just might be the tallest snow angel on record made by my friend Elizabeth.

Maria Shell Image Journal #14Ozzy and I enjoyed a sunset viewing of the Alaska Range and surroundings.

Maria Shell Image Journal #14Maria Shell Image Journal #14Thank you Nancy Cook for taking these great photos.

Image Journal Nancy CookMaria Shell Image Journal #14I started this dress.

Maria Shell Image Journal #14I am using a vintage fabric I have been carrying around with me for decades. It looks like linen from the front side.

Maria Shell Image Journal #14But the back side is super shiny.

Maria Shell Image Journal #14It makes my rotary cutter grow a beard. If you know what this fabric is, I’d love for you to tell me. Tips on working with it are appreciated too. It’s all kinds of slipperiness.

Maria Shell Image Journal #14The dressmaking vacation is coming to a close. Next week is another top secret adventure in quiltmaking, but I can tell you this. I am pulling out the bit bins.

Maria Shell Image Journal #14And I hope to make some scraptastic stars.

Maria Shell Image Journal #14We Alaskans sometimes have our doubts that it will happen, but the vernal equinox did come again this year. This means we are officially turning towards the light.

Maria Shell Image Journal #14We have more than 12 hours of daylight now. Things are starting to grow in Walt’s upstairs garden.

Maria Shell Image Journal #14By the end of April we will have gained four more hours of daylight. Gotta love that. Happy Happy Spring Spring!

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14 thoughts on “Image Journal #14

  1. Hi Maria,
    I have something similar I have kept forever, I think it is a type of silk…..
    Cathy Bertanzetti

  2. Beautiful photos of beautiful people!

  3. Love this stream-of-consciousness post and the photos of your son. We stayed in Talkeetna for 3 days and did day trips to various places including Denali. Gorgeous!

  4. Hi Maria… I am so jealous of your 12hours of sunlight… Here in Kingston, ON we are getting closer now. Sunshine is my saviour when it comes to creativity…
    Your son is amazing… Handsome in his new tenth year and he has your creativity.
    Loved reading about your ski adventure and seeing photos from aAlaska is always a treat… Have fun with the dress. You will conquer the cloth and it will be fabulous and yes, I do think it is silk with the “bits” collecting on the cutter.

    • I too love the light of this time of year. It’s really lovely with fresh snow. The light can be blindingly bright. Yes, Tripp and I both love pattern and repetition. When he was little we would spend hours together in my studio working side by side. Thank you for the tip about the fabric!

  5. Loved seeing pictures of the kids! They are growing up so fast! Can’t believe it’s been ten years since Walt and I were up there. we are finally getting some spring days here.It’s been a crazy weather year. Give Tripp a birthday hug from me.Take care

  6. pettiskim on said:

    I think the fabric is raw silk

    • I think we have got a consensus on the fabric. This is great. When you are a quilter, cotton is all you know. Dressmaking is totally expanding my fiber vocabulary. Thank you!

  7. Absolutely beautiful photos! Really make me want to visit Alaska.

  8. I can help you plan your trip. I have lots of experience.

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