Image Journal #24

It was a great week full of good surprises and small adventures.

Early in the week, I had an opportunity to tour the William Jack Hernandez Sport Fish Hatchery and see the wonderful public art there. If I keep my act together, I will write blog post about this outing in the near future. As you can tell it is all about the fish.

Maria Shell Image Journal #24Maria Shell Image Journal #24Maria Shell Image Journal #24Have you ever wanted desperately to be friends with someone who wants nothing to do with you? Tok can relate.

Maria Shell Image Journal #24Garage Sale shopping this Saturday was all about the chair. I do like chairs. I got this sweet little number for my McCarthy studio. It rolls and leans back and is oh-so-retro.

Maria Shell Image Journal #24This stool and chair combo is for here in town.

Maria Shell Image Journal #24And this itty bitty rocker is for the cabin. Our space is small, and this is a perfect guest chair.

Maria Shell Image Journal #24Sewing this week was all about the top. I made five in all, but I’m only going to show you four. I’m keeping the dud to myself–at least for now. Maria Shell Image Journal #24Maria Shell Image Journal #24Maria Shell Image Journal #24Maria Shell Image Journal #24Walt and I discovered that our hood has a Little Free Library! Now we can walk and exchange books. How’s that for multi-tasking?

Maria Shell Image Journal #24Maria Shell Image Journal #24Ozzy didn’t see any reason why we might find his Father’s Day abbreviation odd.

Maria Shell Image Journal #24His intentions were good. Happy Father’s Day everyone!

I hope your gardens are growing, your machines are sewing, and your hearts are glowing.

It’s almost Solstice!

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6 thoughts on “Image Journal #24

  1. Angela Levy on said:

    I love ozzy’s card !! You could sell that to a card company. Angie

  2. ditto on the card. made me spit my sip of coffee. fuuuunnnny.

  3. I have the mate for your little wheeled vintage office chair! Not taking it with us to our downsized house and if you can figure a way to get it to Alaska from Charlotte I will bring it. Probably cost a fortune to have shipped but just so you know where my heart is………..

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