Image Journal #27

Summer is moving along at a pleasant pace. I wish I were working faster, but life with three boys in an off the grid cabin is, well, slow going.

The boys reluctantly attended a writing work shop as part of the Mountain Arts for Youth Programs at the Wrangell Mountains Center.

Maria Shell Image Journal #27Where they made journals. Here is Tripp’s, which makes sense.Maria Shell Image Journal #27And here is Ozzy’s, which does not.

Maria Shell Image Journal #27They traveled into our backyard to write about what they saw.

Maria Shell Image Journal #27Maria Shell Image Journal #27And ended up having a very good time.

Maria Shell Image Journal #27I attended a wonderful talk by Nine Elder about her work, process, and inspiration. Nina has been here the last two weeks as an artist in resident for the Anchorage Museum. She has been a lovely addition to our little mountain community.

Maria Shell Image Journal #27The McCarthy Creek Packraft Race and Whitewater Festival was last weekend. Pack rafters from around the state had a great time racing down McCarthy Creek which just happens to be a block from my house.

I’ve been working on three quilts.

The first involves all the scraps I wrote about last week.

Maria Shell Image Journal #27These tiny shavings are evidence of my progress.

Maria Shell Image Journal #27The second is inspired by McCarthy Creek. Piecing landscape–especially free form–is a new good challenge for me.

Maria Shell Image Journal #27And the third, well, its mostly in my mind right now.

Fruit Salad will be traveling to Houston this fall to be part of the International Quilt Festival. If you’d like to read more about the making of Fruit Salad you can by clicking here.

Maria Shell Fruit SaladHere are a few detail images of the quilting.

Maria Shell Fruit SaladMaria Shell Fruit SaladMaria Shell Fruit SaladThe Wrangell Mountain Center’s Gardens are becoming their own beautiful compositions.

Maria Shell Image Journal #27We’ve had a great summer of rain and sun which means lots of good things to eat.

It’s dark at midnight now. Last night I actually felt a bit of winter cold in the air. Summer–that beautiful thing of light–is making its steady turn into fall.

I hope you all are taking a few moments a day to enjoy the fleeting feast of food and light. I know I am.

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4 thoughts on “Image Journal #27

  1. Maria, more and more I am coming to appreciate the kind of life you live, so far north, in a place that is becoming slightly familiar to me as the postings grow. The sky, the water, the land, the weather, are all interesting, and what interests me most is the creativity of the people who live there…especially you, of course. Now I’m thinking you have to write at least two books: the first, about your art, and the second, about life where you live, illustrated by your photos and your art. I always look forward to your posts.
    Your old friend,

    • Sue- thank you so much for the very nice words. When we first came to Alaska 18 years ago, I would never have imagined the life I lead now–I wasn’t a quilter or a woods woman, but this place changes you–in good ways. It’s true the land and weather are characters in our lives, and I like that. It makes you appreciate all that you have. I am glad you enjoy the posts. It keeps me going.

  2. Love the image at the top of the post.
    I finally bought a decent camera yesterday. Now I have to work out how to use it!

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