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Have you ever wanted to do something, known you should do that something, but never really got around to doing that something? Well, that’s my story as far as photographing my own quilts is concerned.

It is understandable that I don’t photography my REALLY big work like Colors Unfurled aka If Betsy Ross Had My Stash which stands 6 1/2 feet tall and 10 1/2 feet wide.

Colors Unfurled by Maria ShellBut the little stuff, well, I know I can do it if I would only take the time to learn a few new skills. So, I have little pieces that no one has seen because I feel silly asking my photographer–the fabulous Chris Arend–to photograph them, and I don’t know how to do it myself!

LP #1 by Maria ShellLast week, Alaska SAQA members gathered for coffee to celebrate the success of our show at the Blue Holloman Gallery in Anchorage. The exhibition called Art Quilt North was very well received–Six pieces sold, and the gallery owners want us to do it again next year. in the photo from left to right– Diane Melms, Julie Drake, Barb Hanson, and Cat Larrea. Standing in the photo from left to right are Wendy Smith-Wood, me, Amy Meissner, and Gaily Ramsay. Click on their names to see what their work looks like.

Cat Larrea is know for doing amazing Alaskan animal and landscape work. These pieces were both in the Art Quilt North show.

Cat LarreaAnd both of them sold!

http://catlarrea.comCat and her husband are also excellent photographers and incredibly knowledgable about Photo Shop Elements. During our coffee, I asked Cat if she would help me tackle this niggling program. Cat said yes!

Yesterday, we spent the afternoon at her studio. Cat was a geophysicist in a former life. These weights are left over from her days of reading scientific maps. Aren’t the great? I think I need to track some down. They beautiful and functionally.

Something-Photography by Maria ShellCat gave me a basic lesson in setting up a photo shoot.

Something-Photography by Maria ShellWe photographed my two SAQA art quilt purchases from 2013. Here is what they looked like before Photo Shop Elements.

Something-Photography by Maria ShellSomething-Photography by Maria ShellWe then headed to Cat’s office for few basic lessons in Photo Shop Elements. Here is what the quilts look like now.

Fishnets by New Zealand artist Helen Beaven

Fishnets by Helen Beavenand Rabbit Ears by Jim Hay.

Rabbit Ears by Jim HayIf you want to see my complete SAQA art quilt collection, you can be visiting these two blog posts.

SAQA Art Quilt Collection Part I
SAQA Art Quilt Collection Part II

Guess who photographed my collection for me? Well that would be Cat. Several years ago, she photographed them for SAQA Alaska meeting. She offered then to share her knowledge about photography, but I was not ready. Yesterday, I was, and it sure feels good to have made steps towards photography independence.

I am very grateful to Cat for taking the time to share her knowledge with me.

The very good news is that I’m not the only one Cat shares this information with. This spring, she and her husband Mark McDermott will be leading a more in-depth photography/Photoshop Elements workshop here in Anchorage. You can contact Cat through her website for more information.

AND Cat and Mark are teaching inspired Workflow: Photoshop Elements for Art Quilters at Art Quilt Tahoe. They will be leading field exercises (in LAKE TAHOE–did you hear that people?) focused on photography as well as providing plenty of technical information about how to use Photoshop Elements to enhance and create their art.

When I got back to my house yesterday, I ordered lights and a tripod.

I feel empowered. Do you have something you really should do to make your art and life better? Maybe now is the time….

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3 thoughts on “Do Something- Photography

  1. Hey Maria I’m getting a tripod for Christmas! We are on the same wavelength.

  2. Crispina ffrench on said:

    What kind of lights did you get? Where did you order them from?

    • Dear Crispina- The light system is from Steve Kaeser Photographic Lighting and the tripod is by SLIK and purchased through Amazon both purchases were made from recommendations by my friend Cat Larrea who is not a professional photographer but she is very good amateur. I hope this helps. As I get a grip on what I am doing, I hope to write a complete blog about it. Thank you for stopping by, and for writing that awesome book about making things out felted wool!

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