The Ultimate Alaskan Blanket

Here is a little known fact about my blog–the most popular post, by a landslide, is my tutorial on how to make Fleece Flannel Blankets.

Ultimate Alaska Blanket Maria ShellDuring the holiday season, dozens of crafters daily click on this post. It makes me feel very popular.

Ultimate Alaska Blanket Maria ShellYesterday, I was making a Fleece Flannel Blanket, and I thought those of you who had missed the post the first time around might be interested..

I have several friends with buns in the oven, or another way to put that–there’s been a lot baking going on.

My standard baby gift is a Fleece Flannel blanket and a selection of several of my favorite children’s board books. My absolute favorite book to give is When I’m Sleepy written by Jane R. Howard and illustrated by Lynne Cherry. This book should be considered a classic, but it is not. It is out of print, and I have to hunt down used copies which I do.

Ultimate Alaska Blanket Maria ShellA fleece flannel blanket is the ultimate Alaskan blanket. It is uber warm and cuddly. I make them in three sizes.

Ultimate Alaska Blanket Maria ShellAdult Throw which measures approximately 72” by 60”.
Big Kid which measures approximately 56” by 46”,
and Baby Size with measures approximately 44” by 36” which is conveniently the same size as a yard of fabric.

It is a very simple process–fleece + flannel + binding = blanket. I usually buy my flannel fabric at Every Christmas season they have big holiday sale, and I stock up on flannel for the year.

Ultimate Alaska Blanket Maria ShellI will prep several blankets at the same time. I cut the fleece/minky and the flannel, and then make bindings.

Ultimate Alaska Blanket Maria ShellThen when I need to make a blanket, I can quickly do so. It takes about 2 1/2 – 3 hours to assemble one of these blankets.

Ultimate Alaska Blanket Maria ShellI frequently make the Adult Throw for friends who are sick.

Ultimate Alaska Blanket Maria ShellIt is the BEST blanket for surviving chemo.

Ultimate Alaska Blanket Maria ShellIf you want to make your own comfy Fleece Flannel Blanket you can find instructions for making the blanket here, making a bias cut binding here, and making and attaching an all Machine Made Binding here.

Ultimate Alaska Blanket Maria ShellEven Kato likes them!

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6 thoughts on “The Ultimate Alaskan Blanket

  1. I have one if these and can attest it is THR BOMB! Warm yet light weight. Thanks again.

  2. Thank you Nysha! I am so glad that you and your family like your blankets. They were made with love.

  3. Great idea for an easy blanket! They look super cozy.

  4. cool …
    Kato as in “Mankato, Minnesota?”

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