Image Journal #2

How can every week some how not be the week you planned–how,why is that? Life just rolls across the floor like a ball of yarn with a cat batting at it. The course has no path yet we stumble down it.

And so goes the second week of January. In all honesty, I try not to leave my house. It is how I get things done. Normally, I don’t say this out loud. Most people don’t verbalize their thoughts about my reclusiveness, but I do hear what they are thinking. HOW CAN SHE DO THAT? I COULD NEVER DO THAT. Not leave the house for days on end? Well, that’s just weird.

And so it is. I am weird.

Trips to the grocery store, post office, school, whatnot are consolidated. I try for intention even in my errands. Last week, for a variety of reasons, was a long continuous loop of leaving the house and coming back. Things just needed to get done out in world.

On the way to SAQA meeting, I got lost and ended up at the MACstore. I was hoping to get a bigger hard drive installed on my computer–instead, I traded it in for an older version with a vast (I hope endless) storage capacity. (Even son number one was impressed with this.)

Maria Shell Image Journal #2 2015Tripp and I went to the LEGO exhibit at the Anchorage Museum.

Maria Shell Image Journal #2I truly enjoyed discussing art, Legos, photography, and other things with my youngest son.

Maria Shell Image Journal #2 2015I forgot my camera and had to use my obsolete cell phone. Which got me thinking. I really need to consolidate.

I discussed and analyzed phone plans with my GCI representative. Here is this year’s birthday present. I know to you it looks like a phone, but for me it is a new camera with the ability to call people.

Maria Shell Image Journal #2 2015Last night, we were watching Downton Abbey. Mr. Carson was completely dismayed that the King of England would speak on the the new fangled, steal your soul, radio, and my kids said–YOU! You are just like Mr. Carson!

da 12When I am feeling brave and ready to fend off a truckload of virtual tomatoes being thrown at me, I’ll write a post about my somewhat archaic notions on cell phones, but for now, let’s just go along with the idea that this is a camera–cause you know I won’t be using it as a phone. But who uses a phone as a phone anymore anyway?

New phone takes a photo of old phone. Boring, right?

Maria Shell Image Journal #2 2015Old phone takes a photo of new phone. Doesn’t this phone look LOADED with potential?

Maria Shell Image Journal #2 2015And so it is. I am a luddite with a new camera.

Who just opened an Instagram account. Yep. Tales of a Stitcher goes wild. We will see.

In the meantime, I stitched THREE Linden Sweatshirts by Grainline Patterns.

Linden Sweater Shirt by GrainlineOne made of wool and two made of fleece. I am obsessed with wool.

Maria Shell Image Journal #15And one Lola by Victory Patterns.

Lola by Victory PatternsThis super lux tunic is made of a cashmere cotton blend.

Maria Shell Image Journal #2 2015Here’s last year’s Lola which was made of black fleece. Super cute, but it also doubled as a dusting cloth. I got tired of showing up places covered in thread and cat hair.

Maria Shell Image Journal #2 2015Mid-week, Walt and I attended a memorial service for a 28 year old man. He was a hockey player and a pilot and pretty much loved by everyone who encountered him. It was a raw and open hearted experience to see young men in hockey jerseys sobbing stories of their grief from the podium. It shouldn’t be that way, but sometimes it is.

I left the service knowing two things for sure.

Don’t be afraid to tell some one you love them. I LOVE you folks!

Don’t be afraid to live the life that is inside of you–to open yourself to the universe one Lego at a time.

Nathan SawayaI think that is the best way to honor those we have lost and the future that exists in all of us.

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18 thoughts on “Image Journal #2

  1. I do the same thing, Maria. If I have to leave the house for an errand, it just affects my productivity so negatively that I frequently go days and days without leaving. I try to do all my errands one day a week, and less if I can get away with it. But, I don’t have children still at home, so that helps. When I had the children at home, it was always something coming up and I felt like I lived in my car.

    Yes, life is short and every day, every moment must be cherished along with those we love. It is so tragic when a young person’s life is cut short. I count my blessings everyday and never take anything for granted.

    Have a lovely and productive day!

  2. Maria, I don’t think it is weird to not want to go out of your house. I hate the winter and if I had my way, I would just hibernate in house from mid-December through the end of February. I love days that I have structured in such a way that I don’t have a leave during cold weather. I make up for it during the rest of the year.

    • There is something about the cold that makes it so inviting to stay inside and just make things! Carol, I can’t imagine what you would do if you actually lived somewhere REALLY cold. Nine days out of ten, Texas does count!

  3. Love you too, stranger and soul mate stitcher. Carole

  4. Me too! I would stay home for days on end if I could. Sometimes I go three days in a row at home, but that is rare. I get so much done when I do stay home. That said, I also love to travel. It’s the shopping, errands and appointments I hate. I just followed you on IG, so I’m waiting for a photo!

    • My feelings are exactly the same! I love to travel and be on an adventure–going to the post office and grocery store, not so much. Thank you for the push on Instagram. I am so curious about it that I’m just going to have to do it!

  5. Luddite to Luddite. You are awesome. I too love just being home, productive, captive to my stitch. And I don’t always get things done, and when I mourn creative inspiration to the point that I just start – and just it flows. Perfection in piecing, colour mastery… getting it together! Hooray! Love the new shirts. Have fun with the new ‘camera’…

    • Thank you Bethany! I know that feeling when you just aren’t doing it. Like you, I go down to my studio and start making something, anything, and before you know it, things are happening. That’s the creative force isn’t it? Just open yourself up–that is the key.

  6. Justine Malinski on said:

    Maria, I’ve said it before and I will say it again: You are the best!! I love the look into your creative mind and life. At the end of 2014 I retired from full time work and am spending most of my time alone, sewing. It is great, alternated with outdoor exercise, also alone, because that is the time when I let my mind wander. Amazing what thoughts, plans, insights arrive when there is no agenda or requirements. I have an older version of your camera, and am looking forward to following you on Instagram.

    • Thank you Justine! Your retired life sounds pretty amazing. Outdoor exercise is key. I had been skipping it because of the cold (zero is pretty cold). But now its back in the 20s there is no excuse. Thank you for the Instagram push. I’m on it today. I think, I hope.

  7. Well done. Thank you.

  8. I’m with you re not leaving the house and phone. I can happily spends days at home pottering about, and occasionally being creative. I regard my phone as an occasional tool for me – I actually don’t like receiving phone calls! Quiltcon is coming!!!

  9. I spend days not leaving my property… It’s actually good that I have a part time job, just so I mingle with people on a regular basis. Happy Birtday to you and I followed you on Instagram too! Can’t wait to see what that brings. I love the little visuals I see from my friends. Love you too!

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