Valerie Maser-Flanagan- Visual Expressions in Cloth

In the fall of 2009, I journeyed to the farm country of Baltimore, Ohio to begin my first weeks of study with Nancy Crow.

Anyone who has studied with Nancy knows that one of the perks of the business is getting to spend hours on end with people who love messing with fiber as much as you do. Many wonderful friendships have come out of my studies at the barn.

One of the first and dearest is my friend Valerie Maser-Flanagan. We essentially began our studies together. Here are some Crow Barn photos of Valerie (and one exhausted looking photo of me) over the years.

Our paths have crossed at the barn, but for the most part, our friendship has been based on emails. Over the years, we have checked in and supported self-doubt, success, and more self-doubt.

Late last year, we had been emailing each other about the fact that we both would be at the Barn this May–it will be the first time we’ve seen each other in person in several years.

Valerie failed to mention her upcoming show–which is very Valerie.

So, when I got my SAQA Art Quilt News on the first Friday in January, I was super pleased and surprised to see Valerie’s solo show at the ArtSpace Gallery in Maynard, Massachusetts this January 7- 30, 2015.

I thought it would be fun to share her beautiful work with all of you. As I’ve done previous artists I have featured on my blog, I’ve including photos of the Valerie’s work only with her artist statement.

Here is what Valerie has to say about her work.

There is so much intrigue, beauty and energy in the lines and shapes observed in natural settings and city architecture.

City Walk # 2 by Valerie Maser- Flanagan

City Walk #2

From bold vertical lines in forests and city buildings to the refined, intricate lines flowing in stone and wood grains.

Chrysalises # 1 by by Valerie Maser- Flanagan

Chrysalises #1

Often the shapes are unusual, as seen in complex ice crystals, stone walls, asymmetric holes in tree trunks, or the worn brick walls in old N.E. mills.

Embers by Valerie Maser- Flanagan


These visual images offer an appreciation of open vs. congested space, which unconsciously influence my abstract designs.

Flow #1 by Valerie Maser- Flanagan

Flow #1

My approach is improvisational – the medium is fabric.

Portal # 2 by Valerie Maser- Flanagan

Portal #2

Compositions begin with a general idea and the selection of a palette of colors.

Woods Walk by Valerie Maser- Flanagan

Woods Walk

Color is a further inspiration and influence in my work.

Summer in the City # 2 by Valerie Maser- Flanagan

Summer in the City #2

The fabric is hand dyed and begins with the selection of three primary hues which are mixed to create a range of colors ranging from subtle neutrals to vibrant colors.

Three Figures by Valerie Maser- Flanagan

Three Figures

The fabric pieces are freely cut using a razor sharp tool and blended into an initial composition on a design wall.

Dawn on the Hill (in Winter) by Valerie Maser- Flanagan

Dawn on the Hill (in Winter)

This often presents somewhat unexpected results and responses.

Burning the Midnight Oil by Valerie Maser- Flanagan

Burning the Midnight Oil

The final design is sewn together, layered, and the final stitching is placed on top of the composition.

Chrysalises#2 by Valerie Maser- Flanagan

Chrysalises #2

This last process provides an opportunity to add line, texture and dimension to the final presentation.

Wood Grain # 1 by Valerie Maser- Flanagan

Wood Grain #1

It has been a joy to watch Valerie’s work evolve over the years.

A few extra notes–

1. If you want to see more of Valerie’s work please visit her website.

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4. Today is my birthday!

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28 thoughts on “Valerie Maser-Flanagan- Visual Expressions in Cloth

  1. Happy, Happy Birthday, Maria-The Great and Beautiful! Like fine wine, you just get better and better with age. I enjoyed this post. I especially liked the piece called Embers. Very evocative. I hope your day is as wonderful as you are!

  2. kathleenloomis on said:

    Happy Birthday!

  3. Wonderful post today, Maria – you celebrating our friend Valarie was a treat for all of us. HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY… and many more.
    Bethany in Kingston ON

  4. You celebrating your friend on your birthday- a great tribute to friendship. Beautiful work that Valerie has done and congrats to Valerie on the show !

    Happy Birthday Maria! And hugs!

  5. Happy Birthday, Maria! You, Valerie, and I have shared many joys and frustrations at the Barn. It’s wonderful that you featured Valerie’s work and images of her solo exhibition on your blog.

  6. Happy birthday to you. Celebrate to the fullest possible. Love the quilt pieces.

  7. Pam Butcher on said:

    Great post, and happy birthday! I hope you’ve had a great day!

  8. Happy Happy Maria!

  9. Justine Malinski on said:

    Happy Birthday, thanks for introducing me to Valerie! Love her ‘Summer in the City’!

  10. Love and hugs to you for your birthday,Maria.I loved seeing this artist’s work.What inspires her is really evident in the final work.I can’t tell from the pictures, but what is the stitching pattern like? does it follow the outline of the cut shapes she uses? (I don’t know if my question makes sense, but I don’t know how else to frame it)I hope you have a wonderful day..S

  11. I love your blog Maria! It’s a pleasure to read and always inspiring. Having been in one of Nancy Crow’s classes, I laughed heartily at the picture of an exhausted you! Happy Birthday and thank you for writing such a wonderful blog.

  12. Thank you for sharing all these photos. I have been an admirer of Valerie’s work for years. Her color sense is exquisite. It’s always nice to see the person behind the art. Hope you had a great birthday!

    • I’ve seen you post Valerie’s work on your Pinterest page. It has been wonderful having a front row seat to watch Valerie’s work evolve over the years. Thank you Sharon!

  13. Happy Birthday! We can celebrate in Austin!

  14. Many happy returns on your special day, Maria

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