QuiltCon- Minimalist Design Part II

Minimalist Design was the first category you see in the show as you walk into the main display area from the lecture halls. Here is the line to get on the opening of the second day of the show.

QuiltCon 2015So, this is where I started. I spent time every day trying to adequately photograph and document each piece. Here is the second installment in the presentation of the quilts featured in the Minimalist Design Category.

Bias 3
by Alissa Carlton
Los Angeles, California

QuiltCon 2015Map
by Carolyn Friedlander
Lake Wales, Florida

QuiltCon 2015Avalon Sunrise
by Colleen Wootton
Clinton, Washington

QuiltCon 2015Summer Tee
by Leslie Lamb
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

QuiltCon 2015We Are
by Anne Sullivan
Santa Cruz, California

QuiltCon 2015Brothers
by Susanne Woods
Pleasanton, California

QuiltCon 2015Modern Mojo 2
by Linda Thielfoldt
Troy, Michigan

QuiltCon 2015An Ode To The Past
by Rachel Singh
Seattle, Washington

QuiltCon 2015Forgotten Chicago
by M A Cramer
Beecher, Illinois

QuiltCon 2015Minimal Bars
by Andrew Joslyn
Elkins Park, Pennsylvania

QuiltCon 2015Grove
by Casey York
St. Louis, Missouri

QuiltCon 2015Deux
by Colleen Wooton
Clinton, Washington

QuiltCon 2015GLITCH!
by Susan Strong
Wetaskiwin, Alberta, Canada

QuiltCon 2015As always, if you see an error in my ways, please let me know. The Minimalist Design portion of our programming should wrap tomorrow. I hope you will join me.

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5 thoughts on “QuiltCon- Minimalist Design Part II

  1. Thank you for showing us the quilts, Maria. I was feeling blue, and green with envy that I wasn’t there to see the show – the quilts and the people. You are the best.

  2. cltrice on said:

    I must admit that prior to seeing the quilts you are showing me, the examples of what I have seen of the Modern Art Quilt movement have been more of traditional quilts just a little stripped down or maybe with “sherbet” colors to make them fresh. But these are quite artistic and creative. I am really impressed.

    • Carol- I feel the same way. There are some really interesting things going on in the Modern Quilt Guild. I hope to be writing about some of them in more depth soon, soon.

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