QuiltCon2015- Minimalist Design Part III

Welcome to the final installment of the Minimalist Design category of the Modern Quilt Guild’s quilt exhibition at QuiltCon 2015.

by Shannon Page
Dallas, Texas

QuiltCon 2015 Minimalist Design CategoryWooden Block Quilt
Sarah Laws
Portland, Oregon

QuiltCon 2015 Minimalist Design CategoryThis Way, That Way
by Faith Jones
Lisle, Illinois

QuiltCon 2015 Minimalist Design CategoryScatter
by Amanda Hines
Austin, Texas

QuiltCon 2015 Minimalist Design CategoryBlue Pinwheel
by Barbara Perrino
Wakefield, Rhode Island

QuiltCon 2015 Minimalist Design CategoryMeandering
by Pam McCallie
Chattanooga, Tennesse

QuiltCon 2015 Minimalist Design CategorySteal This Quilt
by Chawnee Kimber
Easton, Pennsylvania

QuiltCon 2015 Minimalist Design CategoryPick-Up Sticks
by Becky Goldsmith
Sherman, Texas

QuiltCon 2015 Minimalist Design CategoryMG Opposing Triangles
by Katie Pedersen
Seattle, Washington

QuiltCon 2015 Minimalist Design CategoryShoot That Poison Arrow
by Hollie Lobosky
Venice, California

QuiltCon 2015 Minimalist Design CategoryI don’t curate these posts. I pretty much group the quilts in the order that I actually photographed them. Except for one outlier, this grouping is particularly muted–all blues, creams, and tans. They look nice together.

The delightful and always intriguing category of appliqué is up next.

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3 thoughts on “QuiltCon2015- Minimalist Design Part III

  1. Kristin Shields on said:

    The color range is particularly noteworthy. i didn’t notice that at the show, so it’s nice to see it here.


  2. My favorite of these is Pickup Sticks. I’d love to see where all of them are installed in a home. Surely this could enhance their simplicity. Looking forward to the appliques.


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