QuiltCon2015- Appliqué Part I

I was afraid all of you would get bored with this slow journey through the QuiltCon 2015 exhibition, but you folks seem to like it.

I will continue.

The next category I present for your viewing pleasure is appliqué.

Anniversary Quilt
First Place
by Katrina Hertzer
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

QuiltCon2015- Applique Part IThe Dishes Can Wait
Second Place
by Rachel Kerley
Hillsboro, Oregon

QuiltCon2015- Applique Part ITypewriter No. 5
Third Place
by Jessica Toye
Kansas City, Missouri

QuiltCon2015- Applique Part IBotanics in Green
by Carolyn Friedlander
Lake Wales, Florida

QuiltCon2015- Applique Part I[The American Context #68] Double Elvis
by Luke Haynes
Los Angeles, California

QuiltCon2015- Applique Part IGrand Canal
by Casey York
St. Louis, Missouri

QuiltCon2015- Applique Part IOutside the Box
by Jenny Voss
Nampa, Idaho

QuiltCon2015- Applique Part ISurvivor
by Jennifer Benoit-Bryan
Cicero, Illinois

QuiltCon2015- Applique Part IHometown Quilt
by Gina Pina
Austin, Texas

QuiltCon2015- Applique Part ITiki Dilemma
by Jodi Robinson
Enon Valley, Pennsylvania

QuiltCon2015- Applique Part IOff Center
by Charlotte Noll
Lauderhill, Florida

QuiltCon2015- Applique Part ILost and Found in Translation
by Victoria Findlay Wolfe
New York, New York

QuiltCon2015- Applique Part II hope everyone is having an amazing first week of March. Up next, a commercial break involving the AMAZING QuiltCon2015 swag bag.

QuiltCon2015- Applique Part IStay tuned. It’s going to be fun.

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2 thoughts on “QuiltCon2015- Appliqué Part I

  1. Marla on said:

    Thanks again, Maria…keep these coming. I am enjoying seeing these all again at a slower pace and following links to the quilt makers.


    • Marla- I am glad to hear you say that. The same is true for me. I feel like I am creating an archive that we all can go back to for inspiration and information both about the work and the artists.


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