SAQA PK Talks Round TWO

Welcome to Round TWO SAQA  PK talks presented at this year’s annual conference. This Tuesday, SAQA members can sign up to participate in a live webinar featuring seven of the talks from conference. A PK talk is a short presentation where the speaker has six minutes and forty seconds to talk about 20 slides. Please let me introduce you to–

Nysha Oren Nelson
So You Want To Make An Instructional DVD? Or Adventures In Looking At Yourself ALOT!
From the concept through preparation, filming to copying, shipping and marketing the journey of making an instructional DVD.

Geri Patterson Kutras
The Journey
Some of us are not born an art protege drawing like Picasso by age five. Some of us are meant to journey to discover our artists within.

Wen Redmond
Breaking the Surface—Creating Digital Fiber Art
Expand your fabric art by inkjet printing on unusual substrates! Learn about new surfaces, digital printing and some of Wen’s own presentations. Wen is publishing a book with CT Publishing with the working title of ‘Digital Explorations in Fiber and Paper’.

Carole Staples
The Healing Quilt
The Healing Quilt focuses on “Forgiveness” and “Freedom” using the art quilt as a medium to work through the process of forgiving.  At the same time, it frees us from negative emotions and energy, by releasing anger, grudges, resentment and guilt.

Deborah Boschert
What I’ve Learned from Eleven Years of Blogging
Deborah Boschert began blogging on a whim. Lots has changed in eleven years. She’ll share why and how she started and how she continues to keep it fresh and interesting both for herself as a blogger and for her readers. She’ll highlight professional, personal and artistic developments that have resulted from being a blogger. 

Amy Meissner
In Defense of Doilies: An Artist’s Relationship to Materials
Alaskan textile artist Amy Meissner has spent a lifetime accepting handwork from Swedish relatives, often wondering how to jettison them. Not until she began working with vintage textiles in earnest — in both quilt and sculptural form — did she begin to understand the weight of history, emotion and inner voice of the domestic handmade. This talk is part of that journey, with the larger question: as an artist, what is your relationship to your materials?

Martha Sielman
Exciting New Work in Abstract Art Quilts: A Sneak Preview of My New Book
SAQA Executive Director Martha Sielman’s new book, “Art Quilts International: Abstracts and Geometrics,” will be published in late 2016.  It will include work from artists in 19 different countries.  Martha will share their gorgeous artwork with you and to talk about trends in abstract art.

Heather Pregger
Abstraction of Place
The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines abstraction as “the act of removing something from a source…a general idea or quality rather than an actual person, object or event.” Heather will show you how she starts with a photograph, and uses shapes, colors and forms to convey a sense of place.

Each one of the presentations was special to me. I hope you are enjoying this peak at them, and if you want more please follow the links and visit the artist’s website. See you tomorrow for Round THREE.

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5 thoughts on “SAQA PK Talks Round TWO

  1. Joanne on said:

    I sent part one yesterday. Click on their names to go to their web page.




  2. debby on said:

    All of the artists sound so interesting. How are you choosing only seven of them to be featured in the SAQA webinar?

    • Debby- I didn’t choose them, the educational committee with feedback from the Special Events Committee and staff made the final decision. As you know with any selection process there are so many things to consider. My understanding is that they wanted a well-rounded group that represented the full array of SAQA’s membership as well as variety in subject matter. I think anyone in the room would have agreed that they were all good, and some of my favorites are not part of the webinar which is part of why I wanted to share them online.

      • debby on said:

        Thanks Maria! And thanks for taking the time to share all of them with us, and provide links to their websites. I am enjoying exploring them.

  3. I am glad you are enjoying it. Success! And it is always fun to find new artists.

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