Thank you for joining me for the final installment of the SAQA PK’s, Here is Round THREE.

Jan Tetzlaff
Looking for Line
Line is the basic element of design.  It gives shape to concepts and communicates emotion.  Jan Tetzlaff will take us around her neighborhood and the world looking for line.

Marcia Young
“Inspiration Tour” across Fiber Mediums
Join this talk for a visual feast of what’s happening in the fiber world, across the mediums. Get a glimpse into the latest work of weaving, felting, needle work, basketry, and more.

Kerri Green
Drawing with fabric – Really!
Kerri Green is going to share her process for art quilt design that will delight you at every corner, curve and intersection. See how she takes skinny fabric strips and draws a configuration that may be used for a single quilt design or for an art series with many variations and interpretations.

Kim Buchmann 
Quilting Adventures: How Wall Street Made Me A Better Quilter
When Kim Buchmann turned away from her high-flying Wall Street job, she was thankful for the chance to rediscover herself. She never imagined it would lead to owning a quilting related business with her mother, finding her inner artist, and pave the path back to health and happiness.

Susan Callahan
Living a Creative Life
How does your work life intersect with art? Does your daily routine inspire your work? What motivates you, a mantra, a walk in the woods or a subway ride. Let’s talk about finding and working with your individual stimulus and creating personal art.

Bill Reker the SAQA Shipping Guru
How to Ship Your Art Around the World
SAQA shipping expert Bill Reker takes us through the step by step process of preparing your art for an international journey. He will demystify customs, insurance, and shipping containers.

Chawne Kimber
An Introduction to “Modern” Art Quilts
As the genre of “modern quilts” begins to coalesce, a small minority of quilters have carved out the intersection of art quilts that are made in the modern aesthetic. We’ll review the hallmarks of this aesthetic and examine examples.

Amalia Morusiewicz
Permission, Perfection, and Other Fairy Tales
Amalia Morusiewicz AKA FunfromAtoZ shares her epic adventure, to seek permission, embrace imperfection, and make it fun. Now with her Permission Slip and sewFUNfriends, she invited you to “Be You and Be Awesome.”

It was great to re-live this afternoon of talks by sharing them here. If you are a SAQA member,  you can watch the live webinar tomorrow. I will be introducing the speakers!

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8 thoughts on “SAQA PK’s Round THREE

  1. Mickey Beebe on said:

    Let us know what Chawne Kimber says are the hallmarks of a “Modern” Art Quilt.

  2. Mikey- I wish I could answer that! From what I remember, Chawne comments about modern where pretty standard–alternative grid, negative space, riffs on traditionalism. I took her talk to be more about “Don’t be afraid of the Moderns–you can learn from them.”I had an interesting conversation at QuiltCon where an LA Modern Quilt Maker laid it out very clearly for me–no black, grey is the new black, no batiks, no old fabrics, and then went on to mention the things Chawne talked about which were more about design and composition and not fabric choices. Which in writing this makes me think–the moderns frequently talk about design elements, but not so publicly about the fabric restrictions that make a quilt modern.

  3. Mickey Beebe on said:

    I remember learning about the “fabric rules” when I first joined MQG – only new fabric by approved modern designers, background should be white or grey, no batiks, etc…..I was pretty disappointed….. and confused. My SBAMQG is great though with Pam Rocco using only old fabrics! I still can’t believe your quilt didn’t get into QuiltCon!…….I think there must be some unwritten MQG rule we don’t know about!!

  4. I am actually giving a lecture at Houston this coming fall called “Traditional, Art, Modern–Notes from the Field”. One of the reasons I wanted to give this lecture was to answer the questions you are asking. I will let you know what happens. Pam Rocco is a rock star!

  5. Mickey Beebe on said:

    That’s a big topic! Have you listened to all the MQG Webinars? I’ll come and see you if I go to Houston!!

  6. I know it is a big topic, the narrowing factor is ME. Where do I fit into the spectrum. I think I am all three, but if I use black fabric, maybe I am not…it will be fun to think about. Good tip to listen to all of the MQG webinars. I have heard a few, but not all of them. Thank you Mickey for stopping by!

    • Sorry I’m just now seeing these comments.

      Gosh, the fabrics never really come to mind for me as a restriction. Heck, I won 1st place for improv at QuiltCon with an all-black quilt made with only Civil War fabrics! So, though some are into “modern” purely as a marketing ploy, I truly believe it’s about what you do with them, rather than a rule book about what you’re allowed to buy.

      • Thank you for saying that. I wonder a lot about how marketing/making money plays into the Modern Movement. It is good to know that there are modern makers out there who are creating from “within”. For example, I would love to take part in the current fabric challenge, but the idea of limiting my fabric to only ones produced by a particular manufactor feels very confining. Anyway, what I really want to say is THANK YOU for being a bridge.

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