Images, Ideas, and Updates March 2017

I know we are a week into April, but I am just now getting around to wrapping up March. Here we go.

I am in the final stages of Project Every Day. I started this project on my 50th birthday January 15, 2016. By the end of it all, I will have worn only clothing I have made for 466 days straight. I had to extend the project beyond one year because when the snow melted, I realized that I was taking my photos in a junky location.

I will write more about this when the project is done, but for now, I have 19 days left. If you want to witness the final countdown, you can follow me on Instagram where I post daily.

Coming to the end of the first stage of this project has me thinking about a new daily art project. I think have I settled on a plan. Part of me loathes the idea of once again making something happen daily, and part of me thinks I can’t live my life without some sort of daily documentation/story line.

We will see. The truth is that you learn so much about yourself and your work when you commit to a daily visual. Here is the proof. Linda Evans has committed to making a daily leaf out of fiber. You can follow her on Instagram. They are scrumptious!

I finished my 2017 SAQA Benefit Auction Quit and mailed it off. This is the first time I have made the early deadline. The quilt measures 12’’ x 12’’ to give you a bit of perspective on how tiny those patchwork blocks are.

I also made a wee little chair quilt for the Spotlight Auction which is a silent held at the SAQA Conference in Lincoln, Nebraska at the end of April. These quilts are matted and framed by a dedicated group of SAQA volunteers. 

On the night of the event, there is a bidding frenzy that is a lot of fun to take part in.

Last year, I duked it out with another bidder to win this awesome piece by Sue Walen.

I made two postcard quilts for the Wish Upon A Card Fundraiser held at the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show. I will be teaching at Quilter’s Affair in July, and from what I understand there are few spots left in the Authentic Patchwork workshop I am teaching.

I have been piecing and piecing on this beast.

And it is now being quilted.


I expanded a piece I started in March. I am calling it Global Sand.  There are four blocks here, but there will be nine when I am done.

In knitting news, I picked out the buttons for my cardigan, but I haven’t had a chance to knit beyond that.

We visited the Gridwood Visual Arts Center to see the AK SAQA Members Show.

I wrote an optimistic blog post declaring the end of winter. It then snowed nine inches in the middle of the night making for a very messy morning commute.

School was cancelled, and our neighbors got declarative.

I have been booking flights and working on my teaching schedule. If you want to see a complete listing of where and when I am teaching follow this link. I want all of you to come up here and take Abstraction of Place–an Art Quilt Workshop with me at the Wrangell Mountains Center. And if you can’t make it to the far north. Maybe you want to travel to east to Quilting by the Lake. I will be teaching there too.

The biggest news of all is that my book is now available for pre-order on Amazon .

So it is official. My book is called Improv Patchwork: Dynamic Quilts Made from Line & Shape, and I can show you the cover!

We’ve been watching The Feud: Bette and Joan. It is a fabulous FX show documenting the feud between Betty Davis and Joan Crawford—in particular the fights they had while filming What Ever Happened to Baby Jane. Susan Sarandon is over the top in such a good way.

The show is so interesting that we went ahead and watched the movie too. I was surprised to see how the early 1960’s movies were still using dramatic elements from the silent movie days. I am also kind of blown away by both of their careers and how they fought to continue to work in their later years.

I just finished the NIX: A Novel by Nathan Hill. If you are a Jonathan Franzen fan then stop whatever doing and go pick up this book. It is a really good story if you like dark twisted Americana.

Visual artist Paula Kovarik asked her blog readers to suggest books, and she came up with a great list. If you are interested in seeing the recommendations they are listed here.

Now it is your turn. What have you been up to?

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25 thoughts on “Images, Ideas, and Updates March 2017

  1. Unfortunately I live so far that taking a workshop with you is impossible. At least now I can get your book!

  2. mickeybb on said:

    That’s a packed blog! You’re book cover looks great…I’m sure the inside is great, too!
    I’ve been entering shows, made 2 little girl dresses and a shirt for my son, just got back from ABQ and making another “Eichler” quilt.
    Thanks for the Paula blog link..saw her quilts at SJMQT.

    • You are busy too! I didn’t know you did fashion sewing. Do you sew for yourself? Paula’s work is amazing!

      • mickeybb on said:

        I started my “sewing career” doing “fashion sewing”! I used to sew everything from bikinis to tents.
        PS I just got 2 more quilts in Houston. I’m trying for 6!!

  3. promontoryranger on said:

    Woo-Hoo! Congratulations, busy lady!I have been road-tripping, writing,and helping make the Kennecott interp project a good thing! See you this summer! You’re my hero!

    • Dearest Diane- So glad to hear that you have had a busy spring and I am looking forward to seeing you out in McCarthy. I will be there from the end of May to the end of June for sure.

  4. Wow, that was an action-filled post! Thanks, too, for the suggested links. I’ve made a few custom pillow covers, continued my squircle a day project, made a little progress on an EPP quilt and cleaned and organized my sewing space.

  5. Can’t wait to see your book !

  6. Sue Tague on said:

    Gee..and I thought you said you were busy..!when do you breath??

  7. I have loved everything Jonathan Franzen has written. I think he’s an absolute master of character. Thanks for the recommendation. Also have to say how much I’ve enjoyed the Bette/Joan Feud series. I’d always heard about it but now I have a much better understanding if it and the Hollywood of that era. The TV critic here in Portland called Sarandon and Lange’s acting a Master Class, and I agree. They are fabulous in their roles.

    • I totally agree about Sarandon and Lange. It is just plain juicy. I just found out that the are making The Nix into a movie. I am a huge Franzen fan. I wish he would write faster!

  8. Linda Evans on said:

    Thanks for the feature in your blogpost.a nice surprise! I was very inspired to try my own daily project after following yours for the last 348 + 100something days. I just don’t know if I will be able to face my day without seeing your face every day, after you finish! 🙂 I will be interested to hear what you have to say about it when complete…what you have learned. I’m also interested in how it may have influenced your assistant. So cool that your son (I think) helped you throughout the whole project!

    • Thank you Linda. It has been great to have you cheer me on. Those words of encouragement have really helped me to keep going. I will write a blog post about wrapping it all up, and I am trying to find the perfect next Instagram project. We will see. It might take a couple of trys for me to figuere it out. I love the leaves!

  9. debby on said:

    Holy moly! You have been busy! “The beast” is amazing, and I can hardly wait to see the whole thing. Thanks for the recommendation of “The Feud.” We watched that movie a lot when we were kids. I’m trying to figure out why–was it a Saturday matinee? Or did my mom just love Bette Davis? Anyway, I will be watching it soon!

    • I watched that movie late night as a kid too. Watch it again if you can. It is really interesting to see the the tension between the two of them and how much American films have changed over the years.. AND the TV show is great. I know you will like it.

  10. Wow, so much here, where to begin? Love the cover of your book and am eager to get a copy. That little SAQA quilt is crazy. Using my advanced math skills, I’m estimating that each square is only slightly over 1″. Crazy! I love a good daily project and have enjoyed seeing your ambitious one of making your own clothes. It almost makes me want to sew for myself again. Almost. I’m eager to hear what daily project you are attempting next. And I’m excited to hear your recommendation for The Nix as I love Jonathan Franzen. I just finished Karl Ove Knausgard’s My Struggle, volume 3. I adore those but need to take a break between volumes. I am currently re-reading an all time favorite, Margaret Atwood’s Cat’s Eye. Since it’s been 30 years, it’s like reading it for the first time, which makes me think I should just keep rereading faves.

    • I love Magaret Atwood and should reread Cat’s Eye that is good advice. I am also reading the My Struggle I am ready for volume 4 like you are. You are right they are awesome, but a palette cleanser is good too. I highly recommend sewing your clothes again. It is good fun!

  11. YAY for new book!! WOOOO!

    Dang, you have been busy! The sweater looks good 🙂 I admire that you have done Project Every Day EVERY DAY! for so long. Not only the picture, but all those clothes that you have made for yourself.

    I have been tired. I sadly didn’t get a space in your workshop in a couple weeks. Someday.
    I’m volunteering at the animal shelter now and started a new sock because I needed travel-to-work knitting. I just ripped out a whole row of quilting because of tension issues. arggh! Dreaming of taking some vacation, any vacation. Maybe I convince my husband that Alaska in June would be fun…

    • Alaska in June is great and I am teaching a workshop too! Thank you for volunteering at the shelter. I have been thinking about writing a post about volunteering. If we all did it, just think what the world would like! I would like to finish a sock. It hasn’t happened yet.

  12. Cindy Bollinger on said:

    Enjoyed seeing both your “donation” quilts. They are both beautiful. I love them both. Also excited to see cover of your book. I am looking forward to getting it – both reading it and looking at the pictures.

    I did interesting workshop yesterday close to home and sponsored by local guild. Called “Finish it Off”. Taught by Connie Silber. It is pertinent to workshop to say she is a NQA certified quilt judge. The workshop was hands on covering finer points of borders, squaring up and hanging sleeves, binding and corners, labels and her method of how to close a binding. If that sounds like a lot to cover, it was! Been practicing since I left the workshop trying to absorb it all and fix it my mind. She was a speaker at our guild meeting in January. It seems to go right along with workshop I took from you at Houston festival “Show Your Work”. I am learning so much about sharing my work!

    • Cindy- I am glad to hear that you are continuing to work on your art! Good for you and from all angles. That class sounds intense, but it also sounds like something I should take.

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