Schedule July 2017- July 2018

Okay, this is a boring way to begin blogging again, but I have had more than one friend point out that I need to list where and when I am teaching on my website and on my blog. So here we go. This is to the best of my ability a full disclosure of what I am doing and where.

August 2017
The Quilt Show—Denver, Colorado
Friday Afternoon August 25, 2016
I will be taping a show with Ricki Tims and Alex Anderson. I have heard good things about this experience. Did you know that the show is taped before a live audience? I did not. That certainly ups the nervous factor. If you haven’t seen the short segment I did with Ricki last fall at the International Quilt Festival, you can by going here. People have told me it is a good interview,  but I can’t get over the fact that a bird built a nest in my hair, and no one told me about it. Watch it. You’ll see.

September 2017
Quilter’s Connection—Waltham, Massachusetts
September 9 -11

American Quilter’s Society—Paducah, Kentucky
September 13 -16
I will be teaching Artful Oven Mitts, Circle & Curve Sampler, Lines + Triangles = Squares, Little Boxes, Modern Broderie Perse, and giving the lecture, Patchwork to Artwork—Journey of an Alaskan Quilt Maker.

October 2017
Westside Quilters—Los Angeles, California
October 20 -21

International Quilt Festival and Market—Houston, Texas
October 30 – November 5
Monday, October 30 2 – 5PM Lines + Triangles = Squares
Monday, October 30 6PM – 9PM Artful Oven Mitts
Tuesday, October 31 9AM – NOON Improv Patchwork—Lines & Shapes
Tuesday, October 31 2PM – 5PM Authentic Patchwork—AKA Kitchen Sink Quilting
Wednesday, November 1 2PM – 5PM Modern Broderie Perse
Friday, November 3 10:30AM -11:00AM Meet the Teachers
Saturday, November 4 10AM – NOON Saturday Sampler

November 2017
Improv Patchwork—Dynamic Quilts Made with Line & Shape
My first book is available for purchase online & at the International Quilt Festival!

Hello Stitch—Berkeley, California
Lines + Shape–Improv Patchwork by Maria Shell—Solo Exhibition
November 1 – December 30
Friday, November 10 Artist Reception & Book Signing
Saturday, November 11, Workshop Topic TBA

January 2018
Quilt Passions–Kailua Kona, Hawaii
Tuesday, January 4, 2018 Making Prints out Solids–Lines & Shapes
Thursday January 9, 2018 Kitchen Sink Quilting–The ART of Making Do

_W5A1205Valdez Museum & Historical Archive—Valdez, Alaska
Stitched—Work by Maria Shell—Solo Exhibition
January – March 2018
I will be teaching a workshop in Valdez on Saturday March 3. You can find out more information on the museum website.

April 2018
Pajaro Valley Quilt Association—Aptos, California
Saturday April 7 Workshop
Monday April 9 Lecture
BeachyQuilting Arts TV–Cleveland, Ohio
Monday, April 16 I will be taping some episodes with Susan Brubaker Knapp.

Northern Star Quilters’ Guild—Somers, New York
Tuesday April 17 Lecture PM
Wednesday April 18 Workshop
Thursday April 19 Workshop

Rochester Modern Quilt Guild
Friday April 20–Lecture
Saturday April 21–Workshop

Western New York Modern Quilt Guild–Buffalo, New York
Sunday April 22–Workshop

Quilters Unlimited—Reston, Virginia
Tuesday April 24- Wednesday April 25, 2018 10AM -4PM

JUNE 2018
Quilt and Surface Design Symposium—Columbus, Ohio
Tuesday June 5 – Monday June 11
June 4 – 8 Abstraction Through Color, Pattern & Repetition
June 9 -10 Making Prints Out of Solids – Lines & Shapes

East Bay Heritage Quilters—East Bay of San Francisco, California
Saturday, September 22—Workshop
Monday, September 24—Workshop & Lecture

There a few other teaching gigs that are in the works, but no contract has been signed, so I will save them until they are done deals.

If you would like more information about any of these engagements, please contact me via my about page on this website. And if you are at any of these events, please come by and say hello!

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10 thoughts on “Schedule July 2017- July 2018

  1. Carole on said:

    Look up Micah and Nicole in Boulder when you are in Denver if you have time. They would love to see you again. Leo is almost 6′ tall and very artistic who would love to see your classwork. I will send him your blog today. Congrats on your beautiful new book and your very busy schedule. Sounds like fun. Carole

  2. susan hilsenbeck on said:

    Wow, busy lady. I’m looking forward to your visit to Houston. I took a class with you last and I’m already signed up for Artful Oven Mitts.

  3. Thanks for the beautiful update. I am especially excited about your book. See you in Paducah!

  4. You’re coming to Berkeley! WOOO!
    This time I hope I’ll be less busy and actually get to take your class. And get my book signed!
    And look at all those solo shows. GO YOU!

    I love it when you show all your awesome quilts in one post. You inspire me all over again.

    Does it intimidate you to have your schedule all laid out in advance for you, so far ahead? Or is it more comfortable to know where and when things happen?

  5. Carrie- It is always good to hear from you! I actually love the feeling of having the schedule all line out. It feels do able. I am always afraid I will forget something and end up on plane to no-where. I hope you quilting is coming a long. Enjoy the rest of your summer. We are out in McCarthy right and I just got a new floor is my little plein aire studio! It is looking good.

    • Oh excellent! Yay for new plein aire studio!
      My quilting is going well. I am fostering kittens right now so it’s on hold for a bit, but I wanted to practice better control so I am working on straight lines. That sounds boring doesn’t it? But I’m a little wobbly. I actually like wobbly, but I want to be wobbly on purpose.

  6. Wobbliness with intention! I like that. Good luck with your kittens. I love kittens!

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