Ideas, Images, and Updates August 2017

Yes. The title is correct. I am still struggling to make a monthly update part of my life. Eventually, this update will become my e-newsletter. The current plan is to catch up—write August 2017 through June 2018—and then launch the newsletter. We will see. Any advice on this project would be most welcome.

August 2017 was a really good month.

I started it by writing an article for Quilting Arts Magazine. The article turned into a quilt which I would very much like to finish. I am calling it Four Play as I have four units/blocks/motifs that I am building and designing with.

The article is the first in a three part series. It is in the December 2017 – January 2018 issue of the Quilting Arts Magazine.


We went to McCarthy for a long weekend to celebrate our friend Mark’s birthday. The party featured yummy locally grown food.


Happy Birthday on a air powered piano.


And a fabulous view.


I also had a wood shed lounge cocktail party. I will write more about this at a later date, but basically it is an event that features snacks, fancy cocktails, and fun conversations in our wood shed.


I prepped for my September teaching gig at Quilt Week in Paducah. Just to let you all know– I will be teaching for AQS in 2019 at Grand Rapids, Michigan


I flew to Denver, Colorado to tape for The Quilt Show with Ricki Tims and Alex Anderson.

I stayed with my long time friend Daron—we have been friends since we were ten! This is me, Daron, and Edgar out on the town.


Daron was an excellent sherpa and photographer. You can read all about the taping in this blog post. The episode has aired. Thank you all for the kind words about my segments. I have not gotten up the nerve to watch the show yet. For you Quilt Show watchers, it is episode 2208.

We visited the Denver Art Museum.


I love this exhibit of chairs because, you know, I know I love chairs.


And this sculpture is beyond fabulous. I have thought about it many times.


Mud Woman Rolls On by Roxanne Swentzell

We walked from the city center to Five Points. The weather was lovely and the ability to get around the city on foot was excellent. I like to walk and Denver is very walkable.

It was great fun to meet Daron’s friends. I have to tell you, Daron is friends with Instagram star wolfgang2488. Can you believe it? I got to meet Bikini and the whole crew.

I wish I had taken pictures. I didn’t really understand how big of a celebrity Steve and his critters were until I got home. Every time I see a friend LIKE Wolfgang2488 I want to tell them—I KNOW Steve for real not just on Instagram.  I think for real is going to be a thing in the near future. Everybody knows everybody virutally, but who knows who really? Unfortunately, wolfgang2488 is not in this picture. Dang it.


On Sunday, we drove to Boulder to visit cousins.


The very cool cousins.

I think all Boulderites have extra bikes. 


We rode to the Dairy Center where Judith Trager’s exhibition 75—A Celebration of New Works in Fiber was on view. 


The show featured Trager’s work as well as student and friends work.

What a great way to spend the day.

And in between all of that I was stitching and working on the other aspects of this job–like updating my events schedule. If you are interested in taking a workshop or seeing my work in person, please click here to see a complete listing of what is happening—when, where, and why.

Thank you folks for time traveling with me.

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12 thoughts on “Ideas, Images, and Updates August 2017

  1. Jill Hoddick on said:

    What a fun travelogue. Loved seeing your life in photos…and do want to hear more about the woodshed party!

  2. August was truly an amazing month! I can’t wait to see Four Play put together. And I wish I could have seen Judith’s exhibit. I’ve heard it was pretty wonderful, and I would love to see Betty’s fish up close.

    • I did not take a close up of Betty’s fish. What a dummy. The exhibit was great. The venue is lovely and they did a great job of showcasing the work. Thank you Heather!

  3. I feel quite breathless and awe-struck by what you did in August 2017. Another good quilt title, Four Play!

  4. Carrie on said:

    That looks like it was a fabulous August!
    I saw your series in Quiting Arts!

  5. debby on said:

    Maria, you are funny. Your show on TQS was wonderful! Pop a bowl of popcorn, and sit down and watch it this weekend!!! You did a great job.

    I enjoyed this post. It cracks me up, how determined you are to document every month. I would have given up long ago.

    • Debby- I don’t know about that. You are a very good finisher. I actually reactivated my Mail Chimp account, so things are getting closer and closer to being a e-newsletter. I love that new improv quilt you did. The handwork is so you. I hope you are enjoying summer!

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