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It has been almost two weeks since my last blog post. It is amazing how throwing a holiday on your Wednesday makes the entire week wacky. Still we keep doing what we do–around the sun we go.

I just got back from the photographer, and I have new work to share! If the quilt names have links attached to them, that means I have written a more in-depth blog post about the process behind that quilt.

I got images of Mosh Pit @ the Golden that I really like.

Last fall, I teamed up with Paintbrush Studio Fabrics. They sent me sample squares of fabric from their entire line of solids.

I used almost all of them to create Mosh Pit. It was a fun collaboration. I think their solids are fab and the brick and mortar + online store Pineapple Fabrics carries the full line.

The Golden refers to the Golden Saloon which is located just a few short blocks from our cabin in McCarthy, Alaska. And believe it or not, there have been many a mosh pit on that dance floor.

Break Up is the latest quilt created for Cloth in Common the international art quilt group I belong to. Every two months we each create a new piece in response to a prompt.

I gave the prompt Spring.

Break Up is a common term used by Alaskan’s to descibe our spring. 

I rephotographed and renamed the quilt Tundra.

It just pays to have a few Alaska themed quilts in your portfolio. You can read about why I do this in the blog post Notes on Being an Abstract Artist. I think Tundra is a good name for this quilt.

I finally officially named and photographed the quilt Tic-Tac-OH! I used to call it Circle & Circle Sampler, but Tic-Tac-OH! is way better.

Maybe now it will get into a show or two. Sometimes, I create a piece that I think is really good, but the jurors refuse to agree.

Once, someone suggested to me that maybe I like the quilt for reasons that were not related to composition. I have to agree that that sometimes happens. Maybe this is one of those times.

The last piece I’d like to share is Bear Fence. American Brand Made Fabrics are cottons textiles completely produced in America. They sent me a box of fabric, and I made this quilt. I love the colors and the American Quilter’s Society website has an excellent selection.

As I was piecing, I kept thinking that this quilt looked like an electric fence.

This  reminded me of the summer when all three of our sons refused to believe me when I told them that the electric fence around the compost pile at the Wrangell Mountains Center was indeed live.

Picking up your quilts from the photographer is the best! I hope you enjoyed the quilt show. Do you have a favorite? I would love to know which one and why.

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31 thoughts on “New Quilts 2018

  1. WOW111 They all sure wake you up. I must say I like Tundra the best. Your quilting is AMAZING!

  2. Beautiful work!

  3. Love Mosh Pit! It is a cacophony of color!

  4. Liat Rorer on said:

    Love them all. Mosh pit is my favorite. So much energy and jumble but it all goes together. Seems like the inside of my brain. My very close second is Tic-Tac-OH, in part because it is so different from much of your other works and everyone should be allowed to try different things.Third is Bear Fence although to me I see NYC taxi goes astray. Happy summer.

  5. Tic Tac OH! calls to me. I have adopted the circle as a metaphor for life. I always notice when one circle closes again and then it le continues. Looking forward to seeing your work in Port Gamble next March…just reserved places…a friend and I who live in the San Juan Islands (Wa) are traveling there for the class.

  6. Ineke Marijnissen - van der Molen on said:

    For me Mosh Pit and Spring and (sorry, you say one ☺️) ….. very difficult to choosr
    I think I like them all

  7. Judith Crespo on said:

    Of course they are all fabulous. I think I like Bear Fence best…the colors are…well…WOW!

  8. Each one is a “favorite” for a different reason!

  9. The new images look terrific! I really love Break Up. The tiny triangles create those hard edges like broken ice and the larger spaces remind me of the water, mud and re-freezing that happens in spring. I also love Bear Fence which delivers such a visual jolt!

  10. Gail on said:

    I admire all your quilts but of this group, I like Bear Fence best. I can almost feel the electricity. It’s the colors, I think.

  11. Glorious work. My favourite is the back of Mosh-Pit.

  12. wahoo…just wonderful

  13. Break Up resonates with me, for both color and composition. Tundra is a close second for the same reasons. I really love all of your work because it gives a sense of wild abandon, although I suspect that your creative process is probably not wild abandon!

  14. Kathleen Stept on said:

    How could one choose? All are mesmerizing. I am partial to the colors in Tundra. Thank you for sharing!

  15. I love Bear Fence. So electric! Thanks for this show of your new quilts!

  16. Nancy Cook on said:

    Mosh pit at the golden might be my new favorite quilt. Or at least my new favorite title for a quit. It really looks like a late night (perfect wine buzz, maybe after a trip to the alley). Mark Vail is there, and Dianne, but also Dave Williams, Tamara, Kelly Bay, Monte, Spence, Betsy, Kevin Smith, all the Smiths, a whole bunch of KWG/SEAG/WMA plus some random European hotties. Shidners, Kritter Wacht, Eli.Little ol me. And Jeremy P. Patsy. Bob, Sunny, and the Rices gawking from the perimetr. The WMC kitchen staff getting down. Thea, Eliz, the Losos! and the next generation.. down from Sweet Creek. And of course you: front and center, getting down. Let’s hope the giant dog is not trapped in the attic back home. xxx Love you Maria!

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