I just got back from New Zealand, well, I arrived back in Anchorage on October 7, and now I am departing again. Too quick for much more than an underwear change—okay, a wash and change.

Before I leave on my next and final trip of 2019, I would like to share a quick, fun bit of eye candy.

The New Zealand Quilt Symposium was awesome. Check out my view from the hotel window.

Auckland view from hotel

Aussie and Kiwi quilters have a reputation of being hard working, good natured, and creative.


They all lived up to their reputations in spades.

New Zealand Students

A favorite side event, which I would like to share here now, was the exhibition PASSION and PROPORTION II—Improvisation with a Dash of Repetition.

NZ Crow Students Flyer

This exhibition was on view during the Symposium at the St. George Church Hall and featured twelve 2 meter by two meter quilts created by New Zealand and Australian quilt artists who have been studying with Nancy Crow. 


Gael O’Donnell, Carterton


Gael O’Donnell, Carterton–Detail

These are big people. 6 1/2 feet by 6 1/2 feet.


Brenda McPartlin, Waikawa Beach


Brenda McPartlin, Waikawa Beach

Crow has traveled to New Zealand to teach 20 students every other year for almost eight years.


Liz Clout, Queensland


Liz Clout, Queensland–Detail

Many of the artists exhibiting in the exhibition have studied with Crow in 2011, 2013, and 2017.


Linda Steele, Victoria


Linda Steele, Victoria–Detail

The final workshop for these students will be conducted in 2020.


Roslyn Holyoake, New Plymouth


Roslyn Holyoake, New Plymouth–Detail

Kathy Anso is the driving force behind the exhibition and the workshops offered by Crow in New Zealand.


Kathy Anso, Te Awamutu


Kathy Anso, Te Awamutu–Detail

She worked as a docent throughout the exhibition. When the gallery was empty, Anso stitched.


Kathy Anso with new work

While the exhibition was not juried, Anso encourage all of the artists to share their very best work.


Sarah Ward, Auckland


Sarah Ward, Auckland–Detail

While the pieces varied greatly in composition, the large size of the pieces unified the exhibition.


Pat Ashcroft, Kaitoke


Pat Ashcroft, Kaitoke–Detail

As a uneducated American, I, at first, thought the words next to the artist’s names were titles of works.


Robin Clout, Western Australia


Robin Clout, Western Australia–Detail

After awhile, I wondered why so many of the artist’s had chosen to name their pieces after locations.



Alison Smith, Auckland

Then it dawned on me. These were not titles.

WEndy Thiele

Wendy Thiele, South Australia


Wendy Thiele, South Australia–Detail

These were the locations of each artist.


Linda Rae, Turangi


Linda Rae, Turangi–Detail

The venue was incredible.


Light and airy.


Such beautiful work in a lovely setting. I hope you enjoyed the virtual tour of PASSION AND PROPORTION II.

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  1. Judy Shelton on said:

    I really enjoyed this! Thank you so much for sharing!!! Very inspirational for me. See you next week at Quilt Festival.

  2. Thank you for sharing these. Although I saw them in Auckland it was rather rushed due to you working me so hard 😀. It is nice to see them again. Beautiful and inspiring work. Also thank you again for your great workshop. I learnt so much.

  3. Ineke Marijnissen-van der Molen on said:

    What a beautiful exposition, love the quilts

  4. Robin Jones on said:

    Thank you for sharing these quilts. So inspirational.

  5. Thank you for sharing these fabulous works. It was very interesting to see what advanced students of Nancy have done.

  6. Leslie on said:

    Fantastic to see this exhibition. I heard about it!

  7. Kathy Anso on said:

    Thanks, Maria, for visiting us and for such a detailed virtual tour. My girls will be proud.

  8. Amazing pieces!

  9. Pat Pauly on said:

    Thanks for the tour and a showing of these strong works.

  10. Sandra on said:

    These are wonderful. Nancy Crow is a special teacher/artist. I’ve taken many classes with her. How wonderful that this ongoing instruction was organized. The quilts are spectacular.

  11. Sue Tague on said:

    I love this exhibit❣️so much color and movement to each of the quilts. The venue also looked fantastic.So glad you got to experience it❤️

  12. Thank you for putting the effort in to come and visit us down under, we really enjoyed having you. This was one of my favourite exhibitions too.

  13. What a striking exhibition. It must have been even more so in real life. Thanks for sharing it

  14. What a treat, inspiring work – thank you

  15. I did enjoy your virtual tour of the exhibition! And I got a good laugh out of your wondering why so many artists appeared to name their pieces for geographic locations 🙂 Thanks!

  16. Sarah Ward on said:

    Thanks for your enthusiastic comments about our work Maria.

  17. ramblingranger on said:

    Love this post. Amazing work. Must have been a wonderful trip!

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