Hudson River Valley Art Workshops

Years ago, I would read my quilting magazines late at night, and I would see the ads for the Hudson River Valley Art Workshops, and wish I was there.


At the time, we lived in rural Alaska with three little boys and the idea of traveling to upstate New York to study quilt making was really just a late night wish before a  slumber frequently broken by toddler demands.

Time passed.

I began to teach—just a gig here and there. The boys grew.

Summer 2009

And grew.


And then one day there was an email from Kim Polla inviting me to teach at the very location I had dreamed of studying at. Pinch. Pinch. Here is that story.

I arrived on Sunday evening at the Greenville Inn to begin my teaching adventure with the HRVA Workshops. I am prone to hyperbola, especially when I like something. And this, well, it was just spot on.


A beautiful estate decorated with engaging contemporary art were teachers and students gather for yummy home cooked meals.

HRVA workshops include breakfast and dinner with an optional lunch. All meals are delicious, and if you can resist the temptation of dessert, quite wholesome and healthy.


Behind the “manor” is the carriage house where all the making gets done. Just cross this creek, and you are there.


There is lots of space for each student to get to work.


Bedrooms complete with full baths for students and teachers are located upstairs of the manor and teaching studio.


The teaching studio is open twenty-four hours a day during workshops.

There is even time for off campus adventures. We drove to Hudson to visit Handloom Batik and ate lunch in Greenville at a new brew pub. The outings were delightful.

It is your choice. You can roam, or you can hunker. You can study, eat, sleep, enjoy, and repeat without leaving the estate.

HRVA Workshops offer an array of textile and painting workshops throughout the year. I encourage you to check it out. It is the best immersive experience I have had to date.

In fact, I have signed up to take workshop there myself!

PS- Many of these amazing photos were taken by the Hudson River Vallery Art Workshops staff. You can see more great photos of their workshops on their Facebook and Instagram.

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17 thoughts on “Hudson River Valley Art Workshops

  1. Admire you and what you are doing.

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  2. So funny you mention this because ,this year I was dreaming of taking your workshop there! Just couldn’t make the time or $$$ this year, I hope you come back.

  3. Twila Ingram on said:

    Oh that just looks amazing!!!!!

  4. maryanneloehr on said:

    So much fun! 💞


  5. Mickey Beebe on said:

    This place looks amazing …. and they serve you food too!!

  6. Nany Coook on said:

    Great post Maria! I;m glad you loved. Best immersive experience to date!!! That must be pretty awesome because you have had some immersion! I meanwhile find myself swimming through the Bs once again… and busting a move: to Spokane for the winter. Long story. HOpefully it will be a good chapter. I love you Maria. x

  7. Looks like a piece of heaven on earth

  8. It is a joy to see your career growing successfully. Congratulations.

  9. margy schilling on said:

    Nice post. It really was a lovely week. I learned a lot, and enjoyed the company, and the luxury of so much time to devote to the work. My first workshop of more than a day, it may have spoiled me for any others: the great work space, the food, the weather, the field trips… Hope to see you in Vermont. (and I plan to have finished a quilt resulting from your class by then!)

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