Artful Oven Mitts Again

One of the first sort of quasi-original things I did in my quilting life was create the Artful Oven Mitt.

Years ago, I used to make holiday gifts for all of my loved ones. Basically, I worked myself up into a stitching frenzy—all because I had to make those gifts. I see now it was a faux deadline and really just an excuse to abandon all other obligations.

I can’t cook dinner. I have to make 30 oven mitts in the next ten days. Don’t you get it? Find someone else to change your diaper. I’ve got a deadline!

The other handmade gift ideas have mostly disappeared except for the enduring fleece flannel blanket, and I now have real job-job deadlines that I am often (inadequately) attempting to meet. 

For 20 years, the Artful Oven Mitt has continued to stick around. 

I teach how to make them at festivals. Artful Oven Mitts and Art Appliqué are my favorite and only Make & Take workshops. 

Generations of Mitt Makers

Students show up, stitch a mitt, and leave happy. There is something so satisfying about making a useful object in one sitting.

Everybody leaves with a mitt!

One year, to celebrate my 100th blog post, I gave away 100 Artful Oven Mitt patterns. I foolishly decided that I would hand draw the pattern. You can read about that adventure here and here.

And that led me to sell the pattern online. I like it. It is a side hustle and a passive income all in one.  This summer, when I was unemployed because of the virus, I started to make kits to sell online. That has been fun too.

Irene Roderick’s Mitts

As you can see, students from around the world have made Artful Oven Mitts.

Oven Mitts by Audrey Workman

I still teach the Artful Oven Mitt workshop. In fact, I am teaching it this coming Friday morning at Road to California/ROAD@HOME. If you would like to join me that would be fabulous!

Tricia Deck’s Awesome Mitts using Quilt Blocks!

Road has a TWO STEP REGISTRATION PROCESS. Here is how it works.
Follow this link to create an account and login.
After that, use this link to register for workshops.

Meg Mooar’s Beautiful Mitts

In addition to teaching the workshop, I have also with the help from Mary Hogan created a PDF of the pattern!  This is THE BIG NEWS. You can now buy a virtual version of the pattern. Just click the button, and I will send you a PDF, and you will be making your own mitts in no time. Here is the link for that.

Jill Hoddick’s Black and White Beauties

Make a mitt, make the world a better place. Right?  Satisfying Stitching = Sanity!

Want more Artful Oven Mitt  photos and information? Here is every blog I have ever written about Artful Oven Mitts.

Artful Oven Mitts—This is the 100th Blog post and a tutorial on how I make my mitts.
It’s in the Mail—This is the story of my misadventures attempting to get you folks your free Artful Oven Pattern.
It is all About the Mitt—This post details the very last time I actually made a batch of Artful Oven Mitts.

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3 thoughts on “Artful Oven Mitts Again

  1. Christmas Cowell on said:

    Maria…Here is one of several I made from the pattern you sent me. I love how they turned out. Thank you for sharing your creativity. Cheers, Christmas

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  2. artise on said:

    Are you still sending out patterns? would love it

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