Modern Fabric Art Bowls by Kirsten Fisher Book Give Away

I am pleased to share with you the new book Modern Fabric Art Bowls by my friend Kirsten Fisher. Not only do I get to tell you all about this fabulous book, but Kirsten has graciously offered to give one of my lucky readers a free copy!

Let’s start by admiring the cover of this book. Look at those bowls! Each is an individually hand crafted bowl of beauty.

And now for a bit of backstory. Kirsten and I met at a Nancy Crow workshop in 2015. Kirsten had signed up for an advanced workshop with little knowledge of just what she was getting into. A lesser person would have buried herself in tears and fabric and just given up when faced with the daunting assignments from that class, but not Kirsten. She worked her way through the exercises in good spirits. I would even say with a sense of humour. I thought–I want to be this lady’s friend.

Kirsten Fisher with her fabulous quilt

Over the years we have stayed in touch. Our paths have crossed at different workshops, and I even got to visit her home in Brooklyn, New York. And all the while there were the bowls. Yes. Always bowls in the background. Bowls in the studio, bowls in progress, bowls stacked, and bowls displayed.

Fabric Art Bowls are Kirsten’s passion. She makes them, sells them, teaches them, and maybe even sleeps with them. (We will have to ask her husband about that.) Her knowledge about how to make fabric bowls is a bit overwhelming.

Fortunately, she has taken the time to write a book and break down all the information into bite size pieces so you too can make beautiful fabric bowls. I love the illustrations in this book. For those of you who don’t like to read the instructions–this book is perfect. You can just look at the pictures!

The book is beautifully laid out with great visuals and descriptions to take you through the process of making an assortment of types of bowls.

As I doing my research, I found this amazing quilt created by Kirsten. And you know what? It looks like her bowls!

I am super happy that Kirsten’s book is available for us to use and learn from, and I am so proud of Kristen for accomplishing this long time goal of hers.

Kirsten is giving away a copy of her fabulous book just to my readers. To be entered to win, simply make a comment on this blog post. On Friday, April 23, 2021, I will use a random number generator to pick the winner who will be notified by email.

If you can’t wait to win the book, you can order a copy from Kirsten’s website.

Good Luck!

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95 thoughts on “Modern Fabric Art Bowls by Kirsten Fisher Book Give Away

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  1. Barbara on said:


  2. These are wonderful bowls, each a work of art on their own. They look as if they will transport easily, so one could take on vacation and use as a base in which to put your phone, keys etc. while you are on the road.

  3. As a painter and non-quilter I love the effect of this quilt. It’s a push and pull of shape and color in a random sort of way

  4. Randi King on said:

    Every bowl is a stunning work of art!

  5. Deborah Bright on said:

    I love making bowls and these are amazing!!!

  6. Sharon Eisen on said:

    those bowls are unbelievably gorgeous!

  7. susanpickle on said:

    You are a great friend to promote her book. It’s a beautiful book!!

  8. What a wonderful write up about your friend, Kristen Fisher, and “her bowls”. This is the first time I have heard anything in this regard and I am intrigued. The quilt is gorgeous! I love the colors and the improve look. I rarely purchase books or patterns but I have put both on my wish list. When someone or something speaks to your muse in such a positive way, you have to stand up and take notice as you have with your friend Kristen Fisher. Thank you for sharing, I feel my gears shifting in my brain as I absorb the images. Peace, Monica

  9. That quilt is dynamite!

  10. gayle m coots on said:

    Love fabric bowls

  11. Ha! I love bowls of all shapes and sizes, and just recently began thinking about the possibilities of making fabric bowls. And now – THIS BOOK!

  12. Amazing! What a lovely post about a talented friend. Maybe this is a silly question, but what does one do with a quilted bowl?

  13. Janet Schayer on said:

    It would be wonderful to escape into creating bowls. This book would be a great addition to my library. I love her quilts too…….

  14. Amazing work!!! As an artist who likes to just look at the pictures this would be a great book for me, Thanks for the chance to win it!

  15. Sally Wright on said:

    These are fantastic!

  16. Amazing designs and great use of scraps. What a wonderful resource.

  17. Love the quilts and the bowls.

  18. Patricia Nunn on said:

    The art bowls are beautiful!

  19. This looks absolutely amazing. And the quilt Looks so good. Would love that talent.

  20. One word. Beautiful.

  21. carolk33 on said:

    What wonderful bowls. Thank you for sharing!

  22. Ooh, another way to make fabric bowls that I need to try. And different shapes, too. I’m getting tired of making round ones. Kirsten’s book looks like a great resource.

  23. diane garthwaite on said:

    Sleeping with the bowls?…I can see definitely dreaming of the bowls!

  24. This quilt is absolutely gorgeous and so are these bowls! The red, black & white bowl reminds me of some African bowls I’ve admired.

  25. Donna K Akins on said:

    I love fabric bowls! I have tried several methods but am not familiar with her technique. Hope I win.

  26. KittyAnn Hudson (KittyAnn) on said:

    Absolutely stunning bowls! I’ve made bowls before but nothing like this! Kudo’s Kirsten!

  27. Vivian Farrar on said:

    Not only are Kirstens’ bowls stunning and individual works of art, but you are a fabulous friend to help promote her book while at the same time allowing your readers the thrill of a giveaway! Thank you! To you both….!

  28. helen may on said:

    Kristin’s work is absolutely fabulous!

  29. Wendy Nutt on said:

    Why haven’t I seen these before. They are beautiful. Congratulations on the release of your book Kirsten.

  30. Beautiful and unique. I love Kristen’s bowls. I would really enjoy her book as well.
    Thanks, Kristen and Maria

  31. Mary Ann on said:

    I’ve never made fabric bowls, but this book makes me want to try!

  32. Brenda Royal on said:

    Gorgeous patterns and colors!

  33. Beth Blankenship on said:

    Beautiful bowls and great blog post! Please enter me for a copy of this fabulous book!

  34. Gorgeous bowls. I would love to win a copy.

  35. Beautiful bowls!

  36. Carollee Schuegraf on said:

    Beautiful Bowls, I like the square shape. Yes, please enter me in the drawing for her book. Thank you, Carollee Schuegraf

  37. FABUlous work! Great job Kirsten!

  38. Nancy on said:

    Well, bowl me over! They are beautiful!

  39. Rose Gilliland Pelfrey on said:

    I love these bowls! What a cool idea!!

  40. Kathy Esson on said:

    Love the artistry!

  41. Nancy on said:

    Oh my goodness! These are splendid, just look at all the details, WOW! Thank you for sharing such talent on your blog. 🙂

  42. Looks like fun
    Beautiful work by Kirsten

  43. Carol Deards on said:

    What an amazing way to create beautiful fabric art. I’m totally intrigued. Thank you for sharing information about this artist.

  44. sunshine-Carol on said:

    What an amazingly creative use of fabric to creat beauty. Thank you for sharing information concerning Kirsten and her work.

  45. Cindy Kahrs on said:

    Now that’s a book I could use and understand. I’m more of a visual person than a reader of details. Love her quilt and the bowls are so artsy. Like them a lot!

  46. gericon on said:

    Oh! This is something I have been wanting to explore.

  47. Karen on said:

    Bowls? Why not?

  48. How lovely!
    I’ve never seen a fabric bowl before but what a great gift they would be. I might just need this book to find out how to make them!

  49. janetcrouch on said:

    Omg! I can so see how you fell in love with Kristen’s work. I see threads of what you both share. Best of all we can share in your talents because of your generosity. And our world is better!
    Thank you U 2

  50. I love the quilt. The directions look very well thought out and easy to follow.

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