Kitchen Sink Quilting–Student Showcase

Hey folks, I am teaching a three day version (nine hours of instruction) of Kitchen Sink Quilting—The Art of Making Do starting tomorrow Wednesday, June 23, 2021.

Jeri Auty

Here are the details

All leftover fabric, UFO’S, orphan blocks, and random strips of fabric are welcome in this class. We’ll take those pieces of quilt debris and make them into fun improvisational masterpieces. The focus of this workshop is on using up left-overs, bit making (creating small improvisation-ally cut and pieced traditional quilt blocks), and composition.
Wednesday, June 23, 2021 6PM-PM Eastern Daylight Savings Time
Thursday, June 24, 2021 6PM-PM Eastern Daylight Savings Time
Friday, June 25, 2021 6PM-PM Eastern Daylight Savings Time

Erica Keith

You can determine what time the workshop starts where you live by clicking on this link. Enter Athens, OHIO for the Dairy Barn Center and enter your location for your time zone. 

Maureen Carlson

This workshop is a fabulous way to use up all those quilt units that were—

Given to you by a quilt enabler
Left over from other projects
UFOs that stalled out
Quilt Debris that you just couldn’t throw away

Regina Koch

This is the ONE quilting workshop where you do not add to your pile of unfinished quilts. It is a Get’er DONE class.

Priscilla Reed

Here are some reasons to take the class.

Maybe it is rainy—as it is for me—and sitting inside and sewing sounds so nice and cosy.

Or, maybe it is super hot and sunny and you just want to sit in the air conditioning and quilt—I wish that were my situation!

Or maybe you have wanted to take a workshop with me, and it just hasn’t happened yet. Now is the time. I am taking most of July off, and I have reduced my independent workshops to just one a month.

Or maybe you have got a major pile of quilt debris. Take this class and get those random bits into a quilt that will be loved and used.

Rebecca Rohrkaste

All of the quilts featured in this blog post are Kitchen Sink Quilts. Aren’t they amazing?

Please put questions in the chat or email me at

You can sign up for a really good time right here.

Monica van Leent-Bergkamp

I hope to see you in class!

If you want to see EVEN MORE amazing Kitchen Sink Quilts, just head over to my Instagram feed.

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2 thoughts on “Kitchen Sink Quilting–Student Showcase

  1. Nancy Cook on said:

    Fun, Fun !!

    My papa was psyched to report on his Walt & Fletch sightings.

    Y’all should walk out to see him some night. I’m sure he’d love to make you a gin&tonic.

    I’m glad you and Walt are getting your time. I miss ya!

    Nancy ________________________________

  2. Thank you Nancy! Looking forward to seeing you in July!

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