Adventures in Improv Quilts by Cindy Grisdela eBOOK Give AWAY!

Happy Day!

My friend Cindy Grisdela’s new book with C&T is out and it is guaranteed to satisfy all of your improv quilting needs!

Cindy and I met many years ago when she offered to give me a ride from Philadelphia, PA to Lewes, Delaware. We have been meeting for coffee, drinks, and dinner ever since. This is a photo of Cindy and I when our first books came out. Cindy had the tenacity to write another one!

Cindy is a kind and thoughtful friend and teacher. This book exemplifies those aspects of her character. It breaks down the key components of Improv—Color, Design, and Construction—for quilters of all skill levels.

From there, she leads the reader through a series of excellent improv quilt exercises.

And finally, last but not least, she spends ample time on exploring ideas for quilting your new improv masterpieces. Few quilt books take the time to do this. It is like BONUS material–two books for the price of one.

This is book is full of great information for the beginning improv student as well as more advanced stitchers who want to go deeper into the topic. 

And the eye candy! Cindy is known for beautiful, colorful quilts full of interesting improvisational shapes that relate to the traditional quilt blocks. It is really fun to see so many of her quilts all together. Additionally, I loved the inclusion of many of Cindy’s earlier quilts. 

If you make a comment below you will be eligible to win a free ebook! I will do the drawing on October 21, 2021 at the end of the blog hop. Visit the blogs listed below to see what they love about this book AND increase your chances of winning by posting a comment there!

October 12, 2021
C&T Publishing

October 13, 2021 
Maria Shell

October 14, 2021 
Jenny Lyon

October 15, 2021 
Becca Fenstermaker

October 18, 2021 
Carolina Oneto

October 19, 2021 
HollyAnne Knight

October 20, 2021
Cindy Grisdela

Good Luck!

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102 thoughts on “Adventures in Improv Quilts by Cindy Grisdela eBOOK Give AWAY!

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  1. Anne Holland on said:

    This books looks very inspirational

  2. Baukje on said:

    I quilted a lot, years ago, and i would really love to start again with this boook as guide….

  3. Diane E Wespiser on said:

    This new book looks inspiring! thanks

  4. I can’t decide whose work I enjoy more, yours or Cindy’s! Thanks for this opportunity to win an e-book!

  5. Great book idea for cozy winter sewing.

  6. I love the bold graphic colors Cindy uses in her quilts.

  7. Susan Soape on said:

    What exciting news!!!! I own both books from that 2017 pic and would love to add the new book to my collection! Creating thru improv is always fun and exciting!

  8. I love the look of improv interested in finding out more techniques and ways to create this art.

  9. You’re right, Maria, Cindy’s new book is beautiful, but so was yours.

  10. Linda J Hillan on said:

    Loved Cindy’s first book and looking forward to getting the new book.

  11. Kristin Farwig on said:

    Looks like a fun book!

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  13. I love both your and Cindy’s improv style

  14. Carole on said:

    Maria and Cindy are so generous in sharing their processes in being successful on starting and finishing improv quilts. Thanks to both of you! Carole

  15. Jayne P on said:

    Improve quilting is on my list to do and this book would be a great help

  16. Connie Akers on said:

    Beautiful book & Id love to win it!

  17. Peggie'Thomas on said:

    I love improv piecing and quilting. This looks like a great book.

  18. Aha! Circles and curves on the front cover??? Obviously you two are kindred spirits…

  19. Mary Teague on said:

    Wow! This style of quilting is new to me which is why I’m enrolled in a virtual workshop with Cindy later this month. The colors and shapes are amazing and intriguing. Thank you for giving us insight into the book.

  20. Kathy Mueller on said:

    The book sounds great. I have and love her first book. And I have visited and admired both of your websites. You taught me to rotary cut with my whole upper body and it made a big difference.

  21. I just love that you two are friends. Your styles immediately reminded me of each other’s. It’s lovely to be friends with someone in the same field, an author too!! You’re sympatico all around.

  22. elizabeth a hinze on said:

    I love both of your work

  23. Cheryl Gebhart on said:

    Looks like a great book.

  24. Pam Cope on said:

    This looks like such a fun cheerful book! Would love to win a copy!!

  25. grouchywhitecat on said:

    I have both of your first books. Have the new one in my wish list.

  26. Maria I love your vision and method! I aspire to follow in your footsteps in my own work.

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  28. Shirley Frank on said:

    Love your quilts!

  29. Laceflower on said:

    Cindy is new to me; her work looks very exciting.

  30. Kathy E. on said:

    I am very interested in learning more about improv sewing. It’s such a modern technique and knowing there is no “wrong way” to do it, there are still methods that make a project look its best…that’s what I’d like to do!

  31. I love Cindy’s playful approach to improv and it’s exciting that her new book is out. I’m looking forward to reading it!

  32. I’d love to win Cindy’s book. It looks like so much fun. Thank you, and C&T, for the giveaway.

  33. Pamela Reim on said:

    I would love to explore improv more than I have. This book would be a great start!

  34. Susan Raymer on said:

    I have never sewn an improv quilt before, but I am giving it a try right now. I have a feeling this book would help my creative process immensely. Thanks for the opportunity

  35. Gwen Mitsche on said:

    I have been addicted to improv for years. It has been fun to see how you interpret improv and opened my mind to using smaller details in my pieces. Great blog!

  36. Elaine in North Texas on said:

    This book looks like it would be great to give me a kick start to using some of my fabric and starting a new project for the upcoming new year.

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  38. I have been quilting for a good few years now, but improv is new to me. I am fascinated and would love to possess both of these books.

  39. Cathy Jones on said:

    Improv is a new art form for me that I heartily embrace. Thanks to all who share their knowledge. Cathy Jones, Michigan

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  41. It looks like it would be a helpful book.

  42. This book looks like a lot of fun and interesting ways to do piecing

  43. Laura M on said:

    This new book looks like a must have for my library. Thanks for introducing it to us.

  44. cholmaneee on said:

    After I received your book in preparation for Sunday’s class, I pulled out my two Gwen Marsden books and read them again with new eyes. Now I have to get Cindy’s book!

  45. sevans7777s on said:

    Thanks for sharing, this looks awesome!

  46. Marnie Murray on said:

    I was SO excited. It’s Oct 21st TODAY! I’m not too late for this drawing. Then I saw that it’s for Oct. 21st last year. Sigh.

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